Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Another Big Day

I have just not felt right the last two days and this morning I could not face a walk and so when Jessie said she was taking August to baby hour at the library and then going to Costco I asked if I could meet her and she said of course.
Baby hour is always just a joy for me. I love the little kids and I love the mamas and the daddies. I look at the mothers as they sit on the floor and handle their children and they seem so young, so beautiful and I wonder if I was ever that young, that limber and lovely and I know I was.
Eighty-five lifetimes ago, perhaps. But still...
Lord, I wish I'd appreciated it more then.

Lily met us at Costco with Ms. Maggie June and she and August cracked each other up and ate all the samples they could get their little fingers on. Magnolia laughed so hard in what we call the "coldy room" that I thought she was going to literally bust a gut. After we finished the shopping, the kids decided that the lined up pallet carts made the very best baby obstacle course ever.

August is eating a tomato there. Both of the children love those little cherry and grape tomatoes and if your Costco carries them, you might want to try them. I love them too. 

Mr. Moon didn't get a lunch packed last night due to the fact that he went to a basketball game after work and I didn't have his lunch box to pack so he texted us and asked if we'd all like to meet him for a noonday meal and Jason joined us too, so it was a big deal. 

Waitin' on Bop. Both of those babies just about jumped out of their skin with joy when he showed up. They flung their arms about and shook with the excitement of it. BOP! BOP! Maggie threw herself into her grandfather's arms and August kept running up to him and poking him and saying, "Boop!" and running away, giggling madly. 
I have no idea what that's about. 

I actually saw Jessie walking a tiny bit like a pregnant lady today for about one second while she was having a Braxton Hicks contraction. Little King Richard just is not ready to be born yet and that is the way it is. I mean, he may change his mind tonight but for now, he is happy where he is. Honestly, though, the last few weeks of pregnancy are all a part of labor where the uterus tones up and the cervix begins to open and the baby settles down into the best position to be born. This is all part of the process and if paid attention to, is sort of a wondrous and perfect thing. The body and the baby work together (as they do in "real" labor) and some of the actual work of it all gets done before the mother even begins to realize that the labor has truly begun. This is just one of the gozillion reasons that trying to make sure that every woman gives birth within x-amount of days of her due date and inducing her if she gets too "late" is a ridiculous idea. Some babies take 38 weeks to cook and some take 43. Sure, sometimes there is a legitimate reason for mothers to be induced but not nearly as often as the new thinking on the subject seems to go. 
Ah, there's always a new fad in childbirth which medical science deems correct which generally turns out to be false and useless and actually often harmful. 

Okay. I'm jumping off my soapbox now.

One more bit of news.

I swear to you, last week when the boy showed me that his tooth was loose, I cried a little bit. 

He's growing up. They all do no matter what our feelings on the matter are. 

See you tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. we eat a package of the costco hothouse tomatoes every week with our lunches!

    i'm with you on the whole thoughts and prayers thing.


  2. Such splendid babies, all of them (including your own baby, Jessie) ~ and they all love their Mer and Bop so very much. I love August's guitar-playing-octupus t-shirt! So much joy in these photos.

  3. Everything lulumarie said. Love the cousin pictures!

  4. I love looking at the pictures of Maggie June and Gus in the store, playing. They are such dolls! And yes to the beauty of young motherhood -- but I honestly don't think I ever looked as beautiful as your Jessie!

    Congrats to Gibson! Does the Tooth Fairy visit their house?

  5. Look at Jessie sitting there all beautiful and pregnant. I think the due date thing became important when pregnancy and childbirth became a medical condition and Big Pharma became involved.

    And no, we never appreciate our youth until it’s gone. So I tell my daughter on a regular basis to love her breasts and ass now. And you know what? It has worked. She has a body to die for after years of Highland dancing. I wish someone would have told me the same. That said, I do have a nice ass. So there’s that.

  6. Jessie looks so great! She has those kind of forever legs. And the kids are just precious. It looks like Maggie is wearing one of the dresses you made!

  7. Ah no, Mary, women and everything they do must be controlled. Science! It knows best! *scream*

    Maggie's little choochie face in that first picture - arg! And August's game is so sweet. Darlings!

  8. fun days with the little ones but as you say they grow up whether we like it or not. and I don't get that whole scheduling the birth thing either. nature knows what it is doing. we need to stop interfering with that as long as no one is in danger.

  9. So much activity in your world! I think King Richard will be all the better for being allowed to arrive at his own pace.

    You asked the other day what shoes I wear when I walk, and I never remembered to answer your question. SO: I wear Merrell Jungle Mocs (black). They're possibly my favorite shoes ever.


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