Thursday, March 30, 2017

Springtime Prayer

We need rain. We need rain and I need to hear rain and smell its blessing on the dirt because everything else seems so upside-down and wrong and even evil right now.
Not right here, not in my house or in my family, but in the country, in the world at large and I have to admit that as I snapped the beans, three snaps- one for each end, one in the middle, a tiny crisp repeating song, I could feel the evil rising up in me or perhaps it is merely the air with its need to rain or maybe it's the pollen which, ever since my walk this morning has plagued my eyes and head making them feel swollen and scratchy and heavy and present in a way they should not feel and maybe it's the guys next door with drums and amplified guitars which cut through the still air like knives to my gut or maybe it's...
I don't know.

Just...rain. Please.



  1. Events in government sure are reaching a crescendo. It's hard to keep it at arms length. Rain is cleansing. I hope you get some there soon. In the meantime look into your grandchildren's beautiful faces.

  2. I sure was happy for the rain we got this week. I wish is would have washed away that whole squabbling crowd in the WH. including Pence who is an evil man and more dangerous than Trump because he is NOT a clown.

  3. As much as it rains here, and it rains a lot, I do love it. So spiritually symbolic.

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  5. In the meantime look into your grandchildren's beautiful faces.

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