Friday, March 17, 2017

This Is Friday

Chicken on the porch. With toys and blocks.
My life, summed up in a picture.

Hank and Rachel and Lily and Jason and their three and I all went to Japanica and you know what we ate. Many salads with ginger dressing and bowls of miso soup and curries and sushi. And so forth.
Delicious, as always.

We went to Big Lots for some reason. Rachel needed something to wear at work for St. Patrick's Day. That was one reason.

I bought Gibson some birthday toys and then went to Publix where I bought him his very own jar of pickled okra because that's his favorite food. His party is on Sunday. Hank said to Gibson while we were in Big Lots talking about his birthday, "So, Gibson. How old are you going to be? Twenty-five?"
Gibson looked at him with a level stare and said, "No. Five."
He was not amused. 

I came home and our friend Anna came out with another friend, Joris, who is from the Netherlands. Joris has now been to Dog Island and Lloyd. He is getting the insider tour for sure. Jessie and August came out too. We did a lot of fun things, some involving looking at chickens and some involving looking at broody hens and some involving gardening and some involving just sitting around and drinking coffee and playing with August. 

We told August not to touch the poop so guess what he did? 
Yeah, he touched the poop. 
He also put some chicken feed into the little coop where Violet is brooding. He loves to gives treats to animals. 

He apparently wants to garden with all of his heart. Here he is with a hoe and a glove. He was very, very serious about using both properly. Jessie says that his favorite toys are a calculator and a hammer and he often walks around holding both of them. 
His father is an engineer. 
What more need I say? 
He is also currently in love with shovels. 
Yeah. The apple didn't fall far from that tree. 

He is the most curious and busy boy. In that, he reminds me of his beautiful mother. 

Anna and Joris and Jessie and I talked about a lot of things ranging from good southern buffets around here to US politics. 
Which made me cry a little bit because I'm so ashamed. 
I apologized for America. 
"I'm so sorry," I said to Joris.
"It's okay," he said. "I have learned that you have to separate American politics from Americans. 
He was being nice which I appreciated but I still felt terrible.

While we were hanging out in Lloyd, Lily and Jason took the kids bowling. I got these pictures.

Turns out that Gibson won the second game with Owen following and then Lily and then Jason.
Guess that Wii bowling practice has paid off!

Owen being especially sartorial today. 

Miss Magnolia did not bowl. She napped. 

In a bowling alley. 
Oh, to be a baby. 

So that's the way this day has gone. I finally went to cook the corned beef and realized that it takes 2 and a half hours, at least, and so it is now merrily dancing in the pressure cooker. The church next door has gathered its members and there is singing as well as drumming. Mr. Moon is digging worms for a possible fishing jaunt tomorrow. Owen might spend the night and get up early with his Bop to be a part of that or he might not. We shall see.
I bought jars and ingredients to make pickled beets and that too may happen or may not. 
Again, we shall see. 

But as god is my witness, there's about to be a martini. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Look at August's blonde, blonde hair. It is so pretty. It sounds like you had a great day minus having to apologize for our piece o crap leader.

    1. Exactly. And August's hair is so pretty but sort of getting out of control. Jessie is talking about trimming up the back and we're all, "NO!"

  2. You should never, ever apologize for the place that the U.S. is in. You are a good and decent human that has been dragged into a difficult situation

    Magnolia looks so long!

    Hank looks happy. A very good thing.

    1. Agree with Birdie and Jill. The Netherlands just had an election with hung parliament Second highest vote going to extreme right wing racists. We have appalling right wing govt in UK. It is a world thing not just Trump. He is just better/bigger at being a gobshite than most. Maggi x

    2. Meant to say racist but both caps fit Maggi x

    3. Joris did say that perhaps Trump's election was a cautionary tale to the Netherlands. I hope so.
      Yeah. Both.
      And doesn't Maggie look long? And yes, Hank is very happy.

  3. I know what you mean about apologizing. I want to apologize to the world too. And promise we are all doing all that we can to straighten this shit out. I am really heartened when people from other countries tell us they are sorry and sad for us. I know we are not alone. And I love that the entire world is not putting up with Trump's shit. It gives me hope.

    1. Me too, Jill. And dammit, I feel like I've spent half my life apologizing for assholiness that I didn't create but still feel guilty for.
      The actions of white people, Bush, and now this.
      Sometimes I just feel embarrassed to be human.

  4. I'm going to try and make pickled okra this year. or not. depends on if I get my okra planted this year. or not. (never did last year).

    1. One year Glen bought a whole bunch of okra off a guy near his hunting camp and I pickled it. It was delicious. Growing okra can be rather painful and un-fun. The spines prick and also, the plants draw red ants. I'd rather let someone else grow it although it's got such a pretty blossom.

  5. I hope you made parsley sauce and cabbage to go with that corned beef :)

    Has Owen got a ... six pack?

    1. No parsley sauce but of course I cooked cabbage and potatoes and carrots and onions with the corned beef at the end. It was delicious!

    2. So was my Irish soda bread to be truthful.


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