Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Oh My Goodness!

Y'all. It's cold. And going to get colder. And it's windy. When I went to let the chickens out they were all in a nesting box that's set in the coop. They didn't want to come out. They did, eventually, when I threw the scratch for them but just like us- they were loathe to get out of bed.

And there's little Violet. She has rolled those eggs all up beneath her the best she can. What a determined tiny mama! I've got the entrance to that box semi-blocked with hay and truly, she's in the best place she could find but tonight Mr. Moon might run a light out there to help keep her birthing room a little warmer.
Being humans, we want to do something to help. Honestly, a little extra warmth might be a good thing but I think it's best to let Violet be the director of this show. Eons of evolution have not been in vain. She knows what she's doing.
I think.
And despite the fact that I sort of want to bring her and all of the eggs inside, I'm pretty sure that this is not the thing to do.

The other babies are doing very well.

I'm about to go cut up some lettuce and kale and grapes for them. They can't get enough of those treats. 

Lily reports that they are all feeling much better today and I think the boys are going to spend the night here tonight which will be fun. Hopefully, we shall all of us, chicks and children, stay warm and cozy beneath blankets and comforters, light bulbs and mama-wings, those of us already born and those still in the shell.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. What a sweet little bird mama. I hope her hard work is rewarded! And I love your chicks!! I keep thinking I'll go to Tractor Supply and see all the little babies, but I know it will only make me sad I can't bring some home. So please keep us updated on yours!

  2. It makes me smile to see how she is trying to sit on all the eggs. There are so many! Does Mick come to check on her?

  3. My fav is the black chick with the little yellow splotch on the head❤ While Lily and Jason so need a break, I worry that you and Bop are going to get sick having the boys tonight. I love how the chicken can clean up her own nest - how amazing is that??? I'm all scattered here...

  4. Those chicks have the nicest colour scheme all together, too! It all sounds so cosy and delightful!

  5. The way she's trying to cover ALL those eggs is so sweet! Your baby chicks are precious.
    We had chickens many years ago...I miss them. I love chickens. And babies.

  6. I thought of you a while ago when I was watching a show from England and the woman, who judges chicken shows (for real) was bathing one of her prime chickens in the kitchen sink in preparation...I'd never heard of that before and knowing how well you love your chickens, it brought you to mind. I hope the boys are over their illness and glad to know the parents are on the mend.

  7. I agree with you about Violet. I'd let nature take its course! She knows what she's doing! (More or less.)


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