Thursday, March 16, 2017

I Was A Witness

I have become so remiss at taking pictures (except, perhaps, of baby chickens and broody Violet) and how I wish I had one of the hug that Magnolia June gave her brother Owen today when Jason came into the kitchen with her in his arms. She reached out and grabbed Owen to her and laid her head on his and hugged him and hugged him and smiled and smiled.
"Owee" she calls him.
Lily says that half the time when she's in a spot of trouble or wants something, she calls for her Owee instead of Mama or Daddy.
Do you remember after Maggie was born and Owen informed me that he had been waiting for this moment his entire life?
I thought that was sort of funny then. I know now that it's true. He and Maggie have an amazing relationship. It's so close and so special. Gibson loves and adores and takes care of her too, and I think of how lucky she is to have these two big brothers with all of their boisterous boy ways, their sweet boy love. She learns from them to be rough and tumble, she learns from them what it means to love and be loved.
And of course, the more love...the more love.

So. I didn't take a picture but I took a picture in my mind and there it is in words. Maggie wearing her golden puffy vest and hugging her brother with a look of absolute ecstasy on her face and he hugging her back, their heads together, their arms around each other.

These are the sort of children who, when they grow up, if they ever find themselves in the position of creating a federal budget will probably not make huge cuts to programs which help the people who need help, in order to build walls and more bombs and more guns.

At least, that's what I like to think.

I doubt that Donald Trump has ever been hugged in his life with as much true heart and emotion as Owen got hugged by his fourteen month old sister today.



  1. Those beautiful kids and grandkids of yours give me a spark of hope for the future.

  2. You painted the picture beautifully with your words. Oh my heart. These children of yours. They will right the world.

  3. Thatcher is so precious! There is so much wonderful love in your family!

  4. Those kids give me hope for the future, and you are right.

  5. There is no question that Donald Trump has both mommy and daddy issues. I do not see the Hartman children every voting against the vulnerable, no.

    Owee, though, oh my heart.

    1. Actually, crystal clear as your word-picture is, it's always a treat to see a video :)

  6. That is a good point about Trump. If he had been loved maybe he wouldn't be the awful man he is. However, my husband was adopted and his adoptive parents were monsters. In the first weeks Child Protectve Services was called three times by neighbors. The worker was a drinking buddy of his dad so my husband stayed in the home. My husband is a very loving, gentle and kind man. He has his struggles but has never been unloving. We still have a choice.

  7. and not even by his wife who is probably having the time of her life living without him 5 days a week. I don't take nearly as many pictures these days either.


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