Sunday, March 12, 2017

Like Saving Daylight Is Even Possible

Woke up this morning anxious and still really pissed but at least I had a reason for that- the time change, of course.
Fuck that shit. I mean...
Well. Just fuck it.

But, I knew that the Lily and Jason family were coming out for pancakes and bacon and that was a cheering thought and since no one around here had any time frames, we just rolled with it and I made a bunch of pancakes and a lot of bacon and the kids got to meet the chicks. Owen approved of the Nicey I selected and Gibson chose the little black fluff with yellow on her head to be Dearie.

Maggie didn't know what to think about the babies. We let her hold one with a great deal of supervision but she was not exactly comfortable with the situation so that didn't last long. 

So we feasted on the pancakes except for Owen who didn't feel very hungry and me because I think I'm sick of pancakes to tell you the truth. Unfortunately I am not sick of bacon but I didn't go hog wild.
I'm sorry. That was ridiculous. 
What I'm saying is, I didn't pig out.
Okay. Someone needs to come and slap me. Hard. 

Here's my granddaughter. Isn't she beautiful?

At one point Lily and I were in the kitchen and we thought Maggie was in the Glen Den with all the fellows and we could hear her fussing a little bit, but thinking there were a bunch of guys who could deal with her, we ignored it until suddenly we both went, "Where IS that girl?"
She was not in the Glen Den but had gotten stuck trying to climb up some chairs in the mud room. We saved her and she was fine. 
I tell you what though- there sure are a lot of places for babies and cats to get into mischief in this house. 

And I guess that's all the news although actually, wait a minute! Today is May and Michael's one year anniversary. Can you believe that? Remember?
Oh, what a great shindig day that was!

And they are still newlywed sweethearts and will be going on a second honeymoon to St. Augustine in ten days. This time they get to stay for a week. 

And there you go. I haven't even started supper yet and it's almost (fake) eight o'clock. 
Stone crab claws tonight. And salad from my second planting of lettuces in the garden. 
Should be decent. 

All right. Don't stay up too late. Tomorrow will come shockingly early, as you are quite aware, I am sure. Unless you are a chicken in which case you won't care one bit. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I got nothing, 'cept this verse from The Band:
    "I pulled into Nazareth, was feeling 'bout half past dead
    I just need some place where I can lay my head
    Hey, mister, can you tell me, where a man might find a bed?
    He just grinned and shook my hand, "No" was all he said."

  2. I LOVE the extra hour of daylight! It's the week of early bedtimes it takes me to make up for that ONE hour lost that really get me.

  3. I'm not a chicken and I still don't care. I'll sleep when I sleep which is usually poorly anyway.

  4. I always love stories and pics of the family. Happy one year anniversary to May❤ And Michael! Maggie is so pretty. I hope Owen feels okay. I had my 2nd cataract surgery. Time means nothing to me right now as I heal...

  5. I got up this morning in the dark. I was so glad that it had been light when I left for work. Now I'm back to dark mornings.
    I did have a nap this afternoon. I laid down and feel asleep within seconds. And I will be goi g to bed early again tonight.
    Happy Anniversary, May and Michael!

  6. we had pancakes today too. time change always makes the kids so OFF. not looking forward to time change/full moonish monday tomorrow.


  7. I might be the only person in the world who likes the early arrival of night. I'm melancholy at twilight and like to get that over with. I sense something is bothering you, but it isn't yet figured out. i wish I could wave a wand and make it whoosh away.

  8. I love the new Dearie. That little tuft of yellow on her head is beautiful!

    I'm impressed Maggie was able to hold a chick, even with great supervision. I think I would be nervous with such a tender little life in my hand! (They're probably not as tender as I think...)

  9. somebody else was writing about pancakes today. and I promised the Husband pancakes for next Sunday.

  10. the black and white photo of Maggie is gorgeous! Congratulations to May and Michael.......
    and Maggie holding a chick made me recall once when I had a brood under a lamp in the spare bedroom and a friend came over to visit them with her then 4 year old son. I placed a chick in his hands and he smiled broadly and said *her fingernails are scratching my hand*. Love the little ones with animals
    Hope your bitchiness is subsiding
    Susan M


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