Tuesday, March 7, 2017

So. Crash

I suppose that in the same way the body sometimes hits a wall and says, "Enough, time to rest," the mind and psyche do as well.
Whether it's all been goodness and light or darkness and despair, the time comes when there must be a step taken back, a reaction to it all and this, for some of us, is when anxiety and depression flair, when no matter how blue the sky, how blossom-laden the air, how sweetly the birds call, the head and heart feel stone heavy and fear and panic flood in to fill the rock-lined places.

Quite unfortunately, there is no way to take the mind to bed, to rest and restore it. It jabbers on and on with its misinformation, its lying lies, its cruel and dark deceits.

I believe I'd better take a walk.


  1. I had to take a day off work this week because of That Bitch Anxiety. And now I know I will probably get hauled into the office which just causes more anxiety. It makes you tired, doesn't it.
    Like hitting your thumb with a hammer, the pain will pass. That doesn't make the hitting and the pain that follows any easier. And knowing that you are going to have to go through having your thumb hit with a hammer every so often for the rest of your life is terrible.

  2. Oh Mary, I understand. You have expressed so perfectly what this feels like. It is a gift to those who struggle as you do to see our truth expressed. Still, I am so sorry you are going through this today. Here is my hand.

  3. I'm so sorry. I hope you feel better soon. Love Jo

  4. Sometimes it becomes too much to bear and a walk with nature can be the very best thing to do. Stay well, Ms. Moon.

  5. A walk is often a great answer and peace maker for our burdened souls. This is what my dog tells me too, as I take him for a walk 3 times a day. After my heart break in November I rescued a dog from the shelter and I bought a leash which says on it "who rescued who?". Be well.


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