Saturday, March 4, 2017

Blue But No Blues

The sky really is that blue today.
So blue you can't believe it but there it is.
I started writing a book once with a main character who always wore blue. Blue everything. Well, I don't know about her underwear. I didn't get into it that far.
I'm wearing a blue shirt today. As blue as that sky. Or almost, anyway.
I think it would be pretty nice to only wear blue. The myriad of shades of blue. To be an old lady who only wore blue.
I'll think about that. If my hair would just hurry up and get all white I could dye part of that blue, too. Which would be interesting. Not the blue like my grandmother's hair dresser used to rinse her hair with but an electric blue. Seriously though, I always liked my grandmother's blue rinsed hair with it's pretty little curls. A lot of her friends had the same hair. Same hairdresser too. And they wore the thinnest hair nets to keep their perms set properly, those same curls as Granny's. Thin as spider webs. And then, for a time, they started wearing hair nets that had tiny colored beads woven into the silver web of strands and oh! I thought those were the most beautiful things ever! I begged Granny to get one and I think she did. If I remember correctly.
It was the thing for awhile, you know. Those pretty beaded hair nets. I wonder if there's a one left in this world.
Wait! Internet!
Of course there are still beaded hair nets. Just like the ones Granny and her friends wore.

Six dollars on Etsy. Delivery is usually 6-20 days. 
Oh my. 

We'll be going to Owen's game a little later on today. I won't be wearing a hair net.

Such a beautiful day. Did I already say that? I can feel my mind losing its shavings. Do you know what I mean? I just walked out of the kitchen a few minutes ago to head back to the far part of the house and I knew before I even got to the kitchen door that I had no idea why I was going but I just kept going, feeling fairly certain that I'd remember when I got there.
I did.
Clothes out of the clothes basket to put in the washer.

I wish they sold head nets. Not to keep hair tidy but to keep minds intact.
Beads would be a bonus, a stylish fashion statement on a much-needed and pragmatic object.

Yes. It's a beautiful day. Can't be said too many times. The kids are all coming out tomorrow for brunch. I am so excited about that. I'm going to make up angel biscuit dough this afternoon to put in the refrigerator where it will develop its deliciousness more fully.
I might clean out the refrigerator this afternoon too. Some of the food in there is no longer developing anything but mold. And deadly bacteria, most likely.

Good morning,  y'all. Good morning.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Jeweled head nets! Now THAT is a good idea! I would wear one. (Since I can't very well wear a hair net.)

    My dad always wore blue. Denim, to be specific. Denim shirts, denim jeans, denim jackets and vests. He said that way he never had to think about what to wear.

  2. I know a woman with long dark hair who's going silver streak by streak. I think she uses a purple tinted shampoo that keeps them shiny silver, it sounds good - but I also have a friend with wonderful grey curls who got a driving licence photo and was horrified to see her mother looking out of the photo at her, so she went out and dyed the front of her hair purple. It looks great :D


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