Monday, December 1, 2014

We Are All Getting Older, Even The Cats

I really have nothing to say today or any pictures to post either. It's just a day, the first day of December and how has this year flown by so quickly?
I was reading a book recently and the freaking copyright date was 2015 and I flipped out for a little while, wondering if I had completely lost my mind- had I missed a year? I actually checked the calendar. Nope, it was still 2014. I just checked again to make completely sure.
That's how tenuous my mind is these days.
Sometimes it is frightening.
Ah well. Which is worse? A cat blog or a blog about aging?
Shit if I know.
Speaking of cats, I'm going to take the little one into the clinic tomorrow and get her shots and everything and then hand her over to Lily. It is time for her to become adjusted to that reality. We will miss her but it will be nice to go back to being a one-cat household again.

I am too old for too many cats.

(See how I did that? Combined aging and cats? Aren't I clever? No. I am not.)

I'm going to go eat a bowl of soup. I took a walk today for the first time in forever and now I am exhausted and hungry and the boys are coming over later. I hope they are happy today. It's beautiful and they can play outside and I am glad of that.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. This is a blog about life, and one of the best there is. I'm so glad you write it.

    I feel like my life is on fast forward right now, I'm struggling with the day, the month, the year, keeping them straight is just something else new to struggle with. Thanks for sharing the load with us, and for helping us to all feel a little more normal, and happy inside.


  2. Mel- I swear. I fear for my mind. Sometimes I get close to the terrified edge.

    Betsy- Thank you, love.

  3. Mary, I know exactly what you mean. Glad to have you to hold hands with through the crazy.

  4. So glad the little wild kitten is doing well! Thank you for taking the trouble to help. I am so, so, happy about this! :)

  5. Too many cats is too many cats. You are wise. I used to like having two of everything--cats, dogs, daughters, pet white mice. If I get another cat or dog I'm just getting one. Two boyfriends might be nice though. : )

  6. What Mel said and you are always the first blog I check. The others I read I found through you, except Go Ask Alice. Gail

  7. Mel- Thank you forever and for always for being here.

    KJ- Well, everyone needs a hobby, right?

    Denise- Two boyfriends sounds about right to me.
    (wink, wink)

    Gail- I LOVE Go Ask Alice. Is she not on my blog roll? I need to fix that.

    LBags- By the way, hello and welcome! I will miss her too. Sniff.

  8. For someone who says she has nothing to say, you always come up with something. I mean that in the best possible way. :)

  9. Yes, she is on your blog. She is how I found you, she recommend Bless Our Heart's in one of her posts. Gail


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