Thursday, December 18, 2014


Gray this morning and I feel myself falling into that. There is a flatness and my eyes just keep filling. I tell myself that no, I am not waking up to a world without Kathleen in it. I am waking up to a world where she is unchained by pain and free.

But. You know what?
It is the 71st birthday today of Keith Richards. My totem spirit animal. My inspiration to just keep living and doing what you love.
I think I might just watch this all day.

Happy birthday you beautiful old man. Thanks for all the music.
You make me happy.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Ach, bless her. It's release for her. Nothing long drawn out or awful. It's hardest for those left behind. It's ok to grieve, isn't it? I imagine her funeral will be a really wonderful one for all of you.

    Omg. No word verification, just a tick? What is this magic??

  2. Let Keith be your balm.
    Love you, Ms. Moon.

  3. Yes. She is free. Her energy spins around us blessing us all.

  4. Oh, Mary. There is joy in that freedom. We know it. It's just hard to remember it every single second. So yeah, rock on.

  5. Hi. Thinking of you this morning, your goodness so deep down and true.

  6. There's death to remind us about life and there's life to remind us that we all must die.
    How we deal with it? Love, tears, laughter, family and rock and roll and cats.

  7. When my mama passed away, I was joyful that she was no longer in pain, are attached tubes and machines. Then, the next day I was devastated because I didn't have her with me anymore. We don't grieve for those who have gone on to better things; we grieve for ourselves. Doesn't make it any easier, I know. It just explains how we can be joyful for our loved ones' release, and devastated at OUR loss. Sending you hugs today!

  8. One of the things that first drew me to your blog was its name. I'm guessing that in the South it's a phrase that can be used many ways, including as irony or deflection,
    but I always hear/read it, when I type it into the browser window, as
    pure benediction. Bless all, all our hearts.

  9. Jo- Kathleen lived fifty lives worth of living in her short years. I know that.
    But death does draw you up into a darkness, doesn't it? The world has shifted and it takes a bit to find the light again. As to the WV- you don't even have to do the check thing right now. Just hit publish. It will.

    LBags- He is. Thank you, sweetie.

    Angella- I feel it. I know.

    Denise- Honey, I KNOW you know. In ways I do not. Yes. Let's try to rock on.

    Rebecca- I try to be good. I do. Thank you for saying I am. You are too, right down to your bones.

    Sabine- Yes. Yes. And so much yes.

    Catrina- That is one of the most succinct things I've ever heard about grief. Thank you.

    A- You got it. It can be all of those things but in the case of the name of this blog, it means exactly Bless Our Hearts. All of them.

  10. More death today with that of a good friend's mother. And then a lady I knew for the last 20 years died from cancer today also. We live and we die. I know grief is because we want the person to remain or the loved ones not to hurt. But still....damn it.

  11. Your beloved Kathleen is free but you are still here, missing her. Let the tears fall.

  12. Syd- Yes. Dammit. And we say that, even as we know they are free.

    Birdie- I will, sugar. I promise you. You know.

  13. I love A's observation. And I'm glad that you found some solace in your spirit animal/rocker.

  14. I have been thinking about what I want to say in response to Kathleen's passing -- in addition to the simple and obvious condolences. The thing that most struck me in reading about her both on your blog and on hers is how much time you gave to her, how much you invested in her care and comfort. The spending time with her, the reading aloud. The love you felt for her really comes through in your actions and posts, and I know it's hard to lose her. But seriously, as I've said in the past, she was so fortunate to have both her husband and you. Again, I'm so sorry about her passing, and I have no doubt you're sorry and sad too. It's only natural.


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