Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Oh Holy Night. This And Every One Of Them

I doubt I could ever ask for a better Christmas Eve.
The storms seem to have passed and the air is cooler, every now and then I hear a rustle from the trees but I also hear the frogs chorusing in the swamp in the woods beyond the railroad tracks. They are celebrating the rain and the glory thereof and I hope they are awash in the joy of making tadpoles.
This afternoon when Mr. Moon got home we took a nap and caught up on the sleep we missed last night and when we got up, he made me an espresso and then Bug came over and brought more presents, including an awesome tipi for the boys that they could actually sleep in and it was so good to see him.

After he left we got dressed for the gathering at Lily and Jason's and I wore a red dress and purple stockings and my silver jewelry and Mr. Moon wore a red shirt and black overalls and an elf hat that May made years ago. We drove to town with all the food I'd made and I got to see all of my babies and there was so much food and Jessie and Vergil made it all the way home from Asheville today and here are two beautiful men whom I love so much.

Jason's brother and his wife and their precious tiny daughter who makes me suck in my breath and remember that I cannot have any more children of my own, and his mother, my grandsons' other grandmother, came and here are the three cousins. 

No. It's not a great picture but YOU try and get a picture of three littles on Christmas Eve. 
Is that little girl a princess or what? Gibson is completely in love with her. Her name is Lenore and he calls her "Nore" and he and she talk in their own language and she is delicate as a fairy. To watch her go and reach up and get a cracker and dip it into cheese dip and eat it is enough to make me swoon. This tiny perfect being- and yet- she is a human! 
Oh my. 

I did not do well with the pictures tonight. It was just all so busy and there was so much going on. But I got this one.

There's our Rusty who just a few months ago was a wild, feral thing and who now is part of a family and who will come out during a party to lick fish dip off of fingers and who will pose under the Christmas tree. 
I can't help it. There is part of me which is as proud of that as anything I can be proud of. 
Doesn't he look fine? 

And so here we are. Ready to go to bed and tomorrow morning we will get up and drive back to Lily and Jason's house with presents and more food and there will be the great opening and revealing and then my husband and I will come home and have our own sweet time here. I had him buy a little roasting hen today and I plan on stuffing it and baking it and making a cozy Christmas dinner of our own. I honestly don't feel as if I will go insane tomorrow. 
I mean, it COULD happen but I don't feel as if it will.

Ah. It is raining again. Gentle and sweet. All of the promise I need. 
And look- I don't believe in a virgin birth nor do I see the reason to believe in one. Every baby born is a miracle and I am sure that 2000 years ago many, many women gave birth to beautiful babies in homes not much prouder than a stable, under the stars in a tents in deserts, under the palmetto roofs of shelters from one end of the earth to another. And that this very night, women are giving birth and each child from 2000 years ago to right this very second is born a Jesus, a Buddha, a Saint. We just need to acknowledge that. They do not come from immaculate conceptions but from the coupling of humans and they are born with tears and with blood and with salt water and they are taken, each one, to holy breasts, if they are able. 

You were too and even if no one realized your holiness, I do right now.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Oh! Thank you for posting a photo of Ashley! He's so beautiful & perfect! You rescued that boy & now he's in a warm & loving home. Merry Christmas, Mer!

  2. Oh, Ms. Moon. What a beautiful post. You know, I was struck by the name of that wee girl, Lenore. Such a lovely name that you never hear very often. It seems so feminine & delicate, doesn't it? I wish you much love and good cheer this Christmas Eve night, from rainy (and warm!) Chicago.

  3. Merry Christmas Mary! We have just gotten Internet here on the mountain and catching up on your posts is a lovely gift. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family and self with us all.

    Lenore is a precious fairy princess I think. Those grandsons are little princes too.

    I love the picture of Mr. Moon in his hat, thanks for that too. And for rescuing and taming that adorable kitty. You should be proud of that!

    I wish you peace and love this Christmas, and all the year round.

    I'll think of you kindly as we drive through Florida en route to Clearwater and Venice, then back toward Asheville. Someday I hope our paths might cross. That would be something.


  4. As a parent still well in the throes of kid Christmas and alarms and such, it's lovely to think a) we won't always be this way so we might as damn we'll enjoy it and b) making a hen for an elf is equally awesome! You'll laugh, but your words give me a sanity check when all this holiday swells up and takes the air out of the room. I thank you for that.

  5. Holy, holy, holy.
    And elf hats, and kittens, and beautiful children.

  6. So lovely...a wonderful post Ms Moon. Wishing you a peaceful and joyous Christmas. X

  7. Holiness indeed. Thank you for being who you are. You take ordinary moments and hold them up to the light and they become prismatic. My life is enriched from reading your words. I simply adore you. Merry Christmas with love,
    Angie D

  8. ok, coincidence or what...when I left the message above the capture word thing was son's name that died in June...shaking my head...just gonna go sit and think on this awhile...

  9. Merry Christmas. Isn't it the Quakers who say we all have a spark of God in us? I'm not sure I believe in God but I do believe we're all divinely special in our own way.

  10. Such lovely pictures! Rusty is fine and fluffy, and the children are adorable - how lovely that there's a little girl in the cousin mix! So sweet :)

    Mr Moon's outfit... perfection!

    Happy Christmas, darling lady xx

  11. It all looks beautiful. The kids, the men and Rusty. Merry Christmas! Gail

  12. Beautiful post, Ms. Moon. You take my breath away.

  13. Yes. Oh yes. Beautiful, all of it. And holy.

  14. Love to You, Mrs. Moon! So much love to you. xo

  15. Beautiful post! Rusty is gorgeous and healthy and the children are indeed magnificent! Big hug to you!

  16. This is my firs visit here but it wont be my last.
    I cant say how much your words meant to me.
    I was born on Christmas day , many years ago.

    Good wishes to you and your family including the furbabies..
    what a wonderful birthday coming here is.. thank you

  17. ╱╱╱╱╱╱╱MERRY╱╱╱╱╱╱╱

    Lenore, the lovely Lenore. She is a sweet little thing. I expect she has little angel wings on her back. Or maybe she is a pixie.

    I am glad you are getting through the holidays. xo

  18. I wonder sometimes, in a mildly curious way, why a Visitor from Columbia return so often to Bless Our Hearts. I check in often to read of your life in Lloyd, and this...this is the why. Thank you. Thank you, for sharing. A visitor from CoMo whose name is Lain

  19. LBags- Ain't he a sight? What a pretty kitty.

    saturdaysgarden- And I wish good Christmas cheer to you! Thank you!

    Mel- You in the mountains, me here. I am glad you liked all the pictures. They are the story of my heart. We might meet some day. And that would be something special. Amen.

    Ashley- And you are welcome! Enjoy the littles while they are little.

    Denise- Pretty dang Christmasy, isn't it? Love to you.

    Camille- And to you as well!

    Angie D- Well honey, that made me feel so good. Thank you. May you have peace.
    And hell- I don't know whether to be thrilled or sorrowful about finding you son's name in the Captcha but whatever...there you go. I think I am a little bit amazed.

    Steve Reed- I believe that as well.

    Jo- And happy Christmas to YOU, you dear sweet woman.

    Gail- It was all a great deal of happiness and fun.

    Sylvia- Aw. Thank you.

    Angella- There are so many holy moments. The gift is to see them. Which you know. Love you.

    Lisa- Thank you, sweetie! And to you and Mr. R and Bob as well.

    Mary- And a big hug back!

    Sonny- Wow! Well, happy birthday and welcome. Please feel free to come back any time and thank you for commenting.

    ditching the dog- Thank you! And Lenore may be a pixie with wings on her back. I swear.

    Lain- Well, I am so glad you do return here. You are welcome any time. Any time at all.

  20. Your beautiful words AND a picture of Rusty the cat previously briefly known as Ashlely. :)

  21. Maybe there could be a more beautiful Christmas post, but I don't think so.

    I understand your pride with Rusty. You did a REALLY GOOD job. I am proud of YOU.




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