Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lis- You Were Right. I Got A Tree

Oh. My. God.
You'll never guess what I did today.
I bought another Norfolk Island Pine at the Publix (my old one died a few years ago or sometime, I don't remember) and I brought it home and I decorated that little sucker and I even enjoyed it.

Here it is.

A one-string-of-lights tree. 
The last few years I have gotten the ornament collection down to a very small and manageable number of items and they were all packed nicely in a bag, wrapped in tissue paper and I unwrapped them and hung them up. 

My favorite, I think:

A little birchbark canoe that Mr. Moon made in Cub Scouts with the Chinese gentleman and lady which my first mother-in-law gave me almost forty years ago. A heart between them, of course. I think of that little boat sailing us safely through another year. 

The rest of the ornaments are either ones the children made me over the years or some pretty vintage glass balls I've collected and, well, other things.

Hell, you've probably all seen these before. 
Same as it ever is. Which, I suppose, is what Christmas is all about. 

I have no idea what came over me. Mr. Moon and I actually went shopping together which is something we never, ever do. Ever. But we went to Costco and got Gibson a toy helicopter, and we also bought a giant block of cheese and a bag of bird seed and a bin of cat food. And vodka. 

Then we went to Publix and saw our Lily and I got all sorts of things like food. Actual food, actually. Not food-like items. And Lord, I did something I am not proud of. 
Again. In Publix. 
I saw a woman shopping, quite young, and she looked by dress and hairstyle not only like a regularly attending Southern Baptist but a regularly attending Southern Baptist who may be the choir's soprano and I noted her outfit and lovely shoes, etc. and then on the candle/detergent aisle, there she was looking at the candles which I do like because they smell good and they were on BOGO and so we got to talking about how nice these candles are and I said, "I like them because they don't smell like fake shit."
Why did I say that to the soprano of a Southern Baptist Church choir? 
And she sort of took off after that.
I'm going to hell, baby. 

But I bought a candle and got one free and also that tree and I don't know. I was just in a good mood and it was almost like a date with my husband, walking around various retail outlets. I ran into a woman I know who is really not a happy woman and mostly what she's not happy about these days is that her daughter won't let her see her grandchildren. 
"What she doesn't know is that one of these days, her children are going to treat her like she treats me!" she said in a most vindictive tone of voice and I sort of shivered, it was so horrible. She blames her ex-husband for turning her daughter against her and for all I know, she is right. 
But it sure as hell made me appreciate my children and MY ex-husband with all my heart. 

So it's been a nice, easy day and I've even set up my very old and silly little Nativity with the magnolia leaves and Buddha, too.

And I have learned about some good news that a dear friend received today and I am so thrilled for her that I am literally in tears. And that, more than anything, is filling my heart with the knowledge that sometimes, life really does work out as we would wish it. 

And if those times aren't the magical times, what are? 

Now don't go expecting me to start singing Christmas carols or any bullshit like that but for today, I have enjoyed myself doing a tiny bit of Christmasy stuff, the kind I really do enjoy involving twinkle lights and old, favorite ornaments and a tree in a pot and I'm just happy to have had that. 

A moment of peace and calm. And happiness for a friend. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well no wonder you don't like Christmas! I'm exhausted reading about all you used to do. I hate the commercial aspect of it but I love decorating my tree & mantel & my flamingo.

  2. Some years I have no holiday spirit at all and don't want to do anything. It is not helped by my having abandoned Christianity a while back. This year is a bit better, despite no communique at all from younger son. He is in the Army in upstate NY and we are in southern Calif. and he did not answer any inquiry about coming home so I guess he isn't. I did get a new CD player for the kitchen and am playing secular songs I can dance around to. Older son is coming home and I have enough friends-and-relations I like who are keeping me busy. I'm still peeved with YS but am working at not letting him taint the season. Realistically I will probably have a couple of tearful meltdowns between now & New Years but am not going to live there 24/7. That's my mission statement and I'm sticking to it.

  3. Gibson will love his giant block of cheese.

  4. LBags- Yes. The sweet little things are fine. The rest of it can bite my ass.

    Cathy HS- Yikes! That must be so very hard. Just keep loving him.

    Hank- I fixed it. I knew when I wrote it that it sounded as if we got Gibson not only cheese but vodka. God knows the child does not need vodka. Although he would love the cheese.

    1. Yes it it is. But there's other good stuff. Like pictures of cute boys who love their cheese even if they gotta share. And a couple of dessert recipes that I can manage with my geriatric oven. I do like to cook, when it's not jammed into 30 minutes right after work.

  5. My father was convinced my mother turned us against him. It really wasn't true, though, you know, it was his shitty behaviour, desperate as it may have been.

    Glad you had a lovely day! I used to love shopping with N, even grocery shopping. I love the whole process of walking around looking at stuff, and deciding to buy nice things. I'm so materialistic :)

  6. Lol, I spotted the cheese and vodka thing too :)

  7. Another season with you Ms Moon and I love it! Somehow you blog in a way that sticks, so when I read a post like this it is like "oh, we're getting ready for another Xmas at Ms Moon's house" cuz I remember the last five years of your getting ready and getting through posts.

    And I must share "A little birchbark canoe that Mr. Moon made in Cub Scouts with the Chinese gentleman and lady..." I read that and thought, jeez' "Mr Moon's Cub Scout leaders were a Chinese husband and wife" I cracked myself up (it's easy to do).

  8. If you're going to hell, then so am I. I'll save you a seat... just you remember to bring that vodka with you! I bought some which has been calling to me for some time now. "Toffee Popcorn Oddka". I'm intrigued but also a little apprehensive x

  9. My husband hates shopping but he loves Costco. I guess I will drag out my small tree next week and decorate it some. I never seem to get in the mood for Christmas until it is right upon us. Gail

  10. Norfolk pines ~ oh, I had to stop! My first one, 35 years ago, now planted way too close to the house and at least 20 ft. tall, three more scattered around the yard, probably 15, 12, and 10 ft. tall. No more room at the inn! Now I just use the silver aluminum tree from my childhood (and I don't think I'll ever need to plant it in the yard)!

    Essential Elements candles, right? My favorites, lavender & cedar, lemongrass & coriander, jasmine & pachouli, vanilla & sandalwood. Thank you, Publix, for BOGO!!!

  11. Bravo for getting your tree. I always dread Christmas but then when it finally arrives (and usually at the last minute) I pitch in and do a few Christmasy things and find that I actually kind of like it. So I can identify. Plus you'll have an amazing Norfolk Island Pine when it's all over! They're beautiful trees, especially farther south where they can be planted outside. (I think I remember commenting to you about them before -- or am I losing my mind? Maybe when yours died?)

  12. You have a beautiful tree, just what it should be, all memories and love bound up in it.

  13. well, strike while the iron is hot, right? you got it done and enjoyed it.

  14. And a beautiful tree it is! Don't worry too much about the fake shit comment. My mother is a proper church lady and you would have delighted her. Her best friend couldn't get a sentence out without a swear word if her life depended on it!

  15. Jo- We are all living in the material world. And as to the father setting the child against the mother- well. Any mother who would make such a wish for her daughter is not a mother whose main concern is for her child's happiness.

    Jill- I need to go back to English class, obviously. I am so glad you are here for Christmas. And every other day.

    Sandy- Mmmmm....Intriguing. Tell me what it tastes like when you give in to temptation.

    Gail- Go with it if you feel it. If not, don't. That's my advice.

    lulumarie- YES! And I bought the first two you mentioned! Of course...
    I will try to keep this pine alive.

    Steve Reed- I don't know why mine died. It died after a freeze for sure. Maybe we get a little too cold here. I don't know. Enjoy what Christmas you do!

    messymimi- It is perfect for me.

    Ellen Abbott- Exactly.

    Angella- That made me giggle. But I don't think THIS young church lady appreciated it very much. Oh well.

  16. It's the memories bound up in the ornaments and rituals that make christmas glow for me. This year the grand boy and I have been listening to the Bing Crosby channel on Pandora (not all Bing all the time, but a "like" variety) while we cut out gingerbread shapes, decorate and bake and he eats frosting :o). He said "We like old-fashioned things, huh Nana?!"

    Looks like those are the things that comfort you, too. x0 N2

  17. Oh, I love your tree!
    This is not the MM I know, where is evil Santa? I must've missed that post.
    Love ya!

  18. Honey bun, I love this tree and I know it will bring joy to you and your'ns. I thank you. I can't wait to be sitting next to it myself with you and Mr. Moon very soon. Love you and have you in my heart. As ever. xo

  19. Lis- Oh honey. I wish you were here right now. Soon, soon. Thank you. I love you.

  20. That is a nice tree. We cave every year and get a tree from NC. It smells great. And has already been cut and hauled down.


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