Sunday, December 28, 2014


Half a moon smiling on me.
Two boys running and playing. Two daughters laughing and two sons-in-law off hunting and then coming back with tales of peace, undisturbed by deer.
One man home,  more than one hug and several kisses.
One pot of soup consisting of
One butternut squash
One onion
Four stalks of celery
One container of home made chicken broth
One chicken carcass, picked for meat
One package of chicken sausage
One left-over container of apples and cranberries
Four cloves of garlic
One other leftover container of brown rice
Red beans, white beans, black-eyed peas, lentils and split peas, cooking since this morning
One bunch of greens from the garden: collards, turnips, mustards, kale
Soy sauce

Two loaves of bread made from flour and oats, yeast, salt, water, and sugar.

Twelve chickens and two ducks shut up to sleep in the cozy hen house.

One hallway altar filled with vases of camellias, red, pink, white, rose, purple-tinged.

One bed with sheets washed and then dried on the line waiting for this night's sleep.

All of this add up to one life well lived on this day.

That's the arithmetic of my life tonight.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You just need a partridge in a pear tree. I am making a stew with a lot of the same ingredients. I put what was going to be a dash of cinnamon and it ended up being more than a dash. I hope I haven't ruined it.

  2. All the wonderful scents that fill your home! And the love. The most important thing of all.

  3. Birdie- You probably have not ruined it. Add vinegar if you need to.

    Jo- Better than trigonometry.

    Mary- It does smell good here. Yes.

  4. If i paid you in Love,would you come cook for me? Bless you for your words they will give me good thoughts as i drift off to sleep...Your header picture is just wonderful.Peace.

  5. You are a math genius, beautifully.

  6. That sounds like much better math than anything I ever studied in school!

  7. Ahh, that feeling (and smell!) of climbing into a bed with sun-dried sheets! That, and the smell of baked chicken, dressing, and homemade bread take me back to my childhood every time!

  8. Andrea Kelleher- As perfect a day as life on this messy planet can hold. Yes, m'am.

    mary i- I don't know. I'm already pretty filthy rich in love, darling!

    Angella- That kind of math I can figure out.

    Steve Reed- Even I can do that kind.

    Catrina- Good, sweet smells.

  9. I'm going to make a soup today, you've convinced me.
    And I'm with Birdie, I wanted to comment "and a parrrrrtridge iiiin a peaaaaaar treeeeee!"


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