Sunday, December 7, 2014



It is so, so beautiful here today. The rain last night heralded cooler weather brought on a breeze and it's a Sunday morning I can definitely live with. We've had our pancakes- sweet potato, apple, banana, cinnamon, pecan, oat bran- and I've just put on another pot of coffee because it's that sort of day.

We slept so late. It was lovely. I kept reaching over to make sure my man was still in bed and he was, and Maurice cuddled me all night and this morning she came up and kissed my chin and I scratched her head, thinking she wanted me to get up, but then she went back and settled into the curve of my hip, ready to snooze some more. Such a perfect cat for us.

Content. We are all content around here today. Even the chickens are going about their work quietly, scratching and pecking. Mr. Moon is planning to go hunting this afternoon and I suppose I'll finish the mulching but I will be far more aware of the possibility of ant colonies. I did get the onions planted yesterday before I was overtaken by the red demons. I've talked to Lis on the phone and we giggled and laughed and wished, once again, that we lived next door to each other. 

The pecans and Bradford Pears are suddenly almost completely bare. Mr. Moon asked me yesterday if I would like him to do something about the leaves in the back yard and I said, "No. I like them where they are." And I do. And they're only covering up dirt and so they make a beautiful carpet of gold and red and brown for the chickens to scratch in, for the cat to hunt in, for the sunlight to illuminate.

And here it is noon and I have laundry to do and dishes to wash and I feel no pressure to do any of that or any thing at all.


I am perfectly happy to just be completely aware of the bliss of the moment of the day of the life of the place of the peace of the softness of the air as it carries the goodness of this day.



  1. I know exactly what I'd love for you to read to me whenever we can work that out love you dearly have a beautiful day

  2. Kathleen- Yay! I would love that!

  3. Life is good. I'm glad you're leaving the leaves alone. I hope you find an ant colony. (I almost wrote, "aunt colony".) Maybe you'll find that too. Love you.

  4. Ah, Mary, the circumstances differ but we are in such a similar place this morning. You are truly my sister spirit. Hugs.

  5. Betsy- Life can be so sweet some days, can't it? I did find an ant colony. I let it be.

    Angella- When I read your post today I thought the same thing. Hugs, hugs, kisses.

  6. It's remarkable how suddenly the trees lose their leaves, isn't it? The Japanese maple in our yard was beautiful and red just a week or two ago, and now it's completely bare. Like you, we're not doing much with the leaves. Let them return to the earth!

  7. A- Thank you! It was a beautiful morning.

    Steve Reed- Yes! One minute they're there and then the next, they are all gone!


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