Friday, December 19, 2014

Kneading Bread With The Need Of Giving Love

It is just about time for Bug to come over and he is bringing a friend of his who was the best friend of Kathleen's ex-husband.
Funny how these things work.

And after I wrote my post this morning and sobbed and wept, I suddenly wanted to cook and so I did. I have cooked and baked and used the alchemy and love of all of that to deal with how I felt today, moment by moment.

I have spoken to Owen on the phone. He stepped on a tack and his mother was wrapping Christmas presents and he wanted his foot wrapped too.

And so she did. She sent that picture to Boppy and Mer Mer and Boppy wrote back that he would like that foot for Christmas. Owen had to talk to us to tell us that Grandfathers are silly. And lots of other stuff. They made snowman soup at school today which involved marshmallows and chocolate and more chocolate and candy canes. 
"Was it as good as miso soup?" I asked. 
"No," he said. 

That's my boy. 

Soon there will be chili here and bread and salad from the garden (oh, my arugula!) and a lemon merengue pie. There is lots of venison in the chili because I think that's what men like. Also, acorn squash but don't tell them. They'll never know. 

Kathleen would be so happy that we are all together. She would laugh at me for putting the squash in the chili. 

And that, of course, makes me happy. 

I feel at peace. 

May you as well.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I like Owen's foot bandage. Pretty classy. Glad Bug is coming over. I can imagine Kathleen smiling

  2. Denise- Isn't he?

    Syd- He's a classy boy, that one. I think Bug had a good time.

  3. Love this little post, and Owen's foot gift.


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