Wednesday, December 10, 2014

And So It Goes

Aw, man. The second I hit "publish" on that last post, Mr. Moon called to me from out in the back yard where he'd gone to put the chickens up for the night.
"Miss Bob is dead," he said.
"She's gone."

I went out there and sure enough, the sweet old hen was laid up on the corner on the straw-covered ground, dead as she could be. I had noticed her earlier today, just sitting by the hen house which was unusual but I didn't think anything of it. She didn't have any marks on her, didn't look like anything had killed her. She just died of old age, I guess.

She was one of my original chicks whom Kathleen had brought me five and a half years ago. She looked like a quail, as you can see from that picture above, so we named her Miss Bob for bob quail.

One of the original sister-wives. 

She hasn't laid an egg in at least six or eight months and that's been fine. She, like all the rest, are more pet than anything else.
But I just wanted to pay her a little tribute. She's been a fine hen, neither the pushiest one nor the shyest. But part of the little flock of chickens who, during some of my darkest, most anxious and depressed days, soothed me and gave me some pleasure when pleasure was sorely lacking.
And of course eggs.

That's her on the left.

It makes me happy to think that she got to the place where all of the chickens go for safety and rest every night before she died. She didn't make it to the roost, but she found a cozy corner to lay down in, to let go and fly on to wherever it is that chickens go when they take flight from this life. Mr. Moon buried her and so she is laid to rest. 

May there be watermelon without end in chicken heaven. 

We'll miss you, Miss Bob. You were a damn fine hen. And you helped make me a chicken mama and realize that chickens had been missing from my life and that I needed them far more than they needed me. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. That just unleashed a torrent of tears. I think I needed a cry, so thank you Miss Bob. And I'm sorry for your loss, Mary, although that was a damn fine eulogy.

  2. I am glad you keep your hens as pets when they stop laying. That is the way it should be. And I have no doubt she sends her love back to you.

  3. i am so sorry for your loss. you got miss bob right around the time i started dating my husband. i cant believe it's been that long.


  4. Aw I am sorry about Miss Bob. Gail

  5. Oh, I'm sorry your Miss Bob died. I love those photos and I love her name. Have you see this?
    I'm pretty sure contact with animals helps ALL of us.

  6. so sorry to hear Miss Bob is gone. Having had a small flock myself for almost 20 years, I know the pang in the heart when one goes....especially suddenly and without apparent cause. A special chicken prayer said for her tonight, and for you too.

  7. I'm sorry about Miss Bob. She knows she was loved and she loved you back. Bless Kathleen for bringing you together.

  8. Ah, Mary - I'm sorry ... Miss Bob was a beautiful lady. She had a good home, was well loved, died peacefully. All in all, pretty lucky. But that doesn't help much with the sore heart, I know.

  9. Awww, I'm so sorry about Miss Bob. She sure was a cute chick, and yes, very bobwhite-like. It's a very lucky chicken that gets to live a full life and die peacefully in a henhouse.

  10. Each time one of your chickens dies my heart is touched. You have made us all love them.

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  12. Miss Bob sounds like a joy in her own quiet way. How wonderful that you have her baby pictures.
    It's nice to think of her up in watermelon heaven.

  13. Elizabeth- She was a fine hen.

    Birdie- Well, I do not know but she gave me what I needed when I needed it and for that, I love her.

    Mrs. A- That is so hard to believe.

    Gail- Well, she sure had a good life.

    Denise- I had not seen that article but a different one about the same project. I just love it. When I am very old, if I reach that part of life, I surely would be happier with chickens about.

    LBags- Wasn't she a pretty thing?

    Susan M- It IS a pang. Not a deep sorrow, but a sharp real pang.

    Angella- Yes! Kathleen has brought so much goodness to my life.

    jenny o- I think all of the other chickens miss her today.

    Steve Reed- The chicken equivalent of dying in bed in one's sleep. We would all like that.

    Jill- They are very lovable birds.

    Marty Damon- Yes!

  14. it's why my sister quit keeping chickens. that and her husband died and she just couldn't handle it all.

  15. Ellen Abbott- I understand on both counts.

  16. Very sorry. I feel sad whenever I hear of one of your chickens dying. They are like pets. And we get to know them through your words. RIP Miss Bob.


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