Monday, December 29, 2014

Completely Random Stuff On A Real Gray Day

Willy and Lily had laid us two nicely clean eggs this morning by the time we let the birds out of the hen house. This is good because although I searched the yard yesterday I never did find any of their eggs. They are certainly cheerful beasts and seem so happy to have joined in with our flock.

It is dreary here today and I am SO READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS TO BE OVER!
I mean...all the candy and the celebrating and the what-the-hell-day-is-this fog and confusion.
I'm going to take the tree down today. That should take a good ten minutes.

It's gray. It's warm. It's December 29th. The boys are going to come spend New Year's Eve with us. They want to cook steaks. Well, Owen does. Gibson doesn't care. Yesterday I gave him a piece of bread out of the oven with butter on it. He kept coming back into the kitchen for reapplications of butter. I'm not sure he ever did eat the actual bread.

And I never did go to town yesterday. I discovered an entire bag of flour I had forgotten I'd bought. Plus, one banana. Crisis averted! But I think I have to go today. Not just to the store but to the library. I HAVE NOTHING TO LISTEN TO WHILE I WALK (if I ever do walk again) DO LAUNDRY, SWEEP, WORK IN THE YARD, COOK, ETC. ETC. ETC.!
Forget bananas and flour. THIS is a crisis.

Mr. Moon is taking back the earphones he bought us for Christmas. Two pairs. One for him, one for me. The box said in big honking letters: Guaranteed Never To Hurt Or Fall Out!
I have no idea if they ever fall out because they hurt too much to keep in. Mr. Moon accused me of having weird ears until he tried his.
I'm sure it'll be all easy-peasy to take two sets of earphones back to Best Buy today.

Maurice under a palm tree.
How's that for random?

How are you surviving these dead, deadly last days of the year?
If your answer contains "chocolate" and/or "vodka," then come sit by me.

Love you...Ms. Moon


  1. We're getting out of town for a few days to go sit on a beach. It's supposed to rain so we're bringing board games. Still, a rainy beach is a good beach too. Happy last days of the year to you, Ms. Moon. xoxo

  2. Will chocolate and wine do, instead? I'm taking the tree down this afternoon. At this point, Christmas just feels like a whole lot of clutter. And I fear I'm a girl who likes a sense of order to her day so I'm trying to get back into my routine.

  3. I'm barely surviving.
    Reading about duck eggs was excellent though. And I love their names.

  4. I'm going ever so slightly stir-crazy. Toffee Oddka update. It was supremely average and blah, but the girls enjoyed it. I'm kinda off alcohol too. This is worrying, and doesn't bode well for NYE. I may just have an early night. I also have to go into town tomorrow morning. Thank goodness for the internet... just order and collect. But I still have to actually leave the house *sigh* x

  5. We have a -29C windchill today so yes, chocolate. Is wine okay? I took my tree and all the decorations down two days ago and it feels soooooo good to sort of be back to normal. Whatever the hell normal is!

  6. I'm going to have an egg sandwich and hang up the clothes we got at the dump the other day. We have a good pass along room in our nearby swanky town. I had to suddenly buy winter boots for #2 boy though, as the dump didn't come through for them, (so unusual!) the boy was overwhelmed! But we got him some good ones and if he outgrows them quick enough they will become mine! Hahahaaa

  7. I like these post Christmas days - usually. Mind you everything seems to be shut here, not the shops so much as the stuff you really need when you need it, like dentists! Well, it'll soon be 2015 and I hope it will be a good one for you.

  8. I'm surviving by not getting dressed until the afternoon.

  9. I'm doing what elizabeth does. except my daughter just told me her bf is coming by so i suppose i should get out of my nightgown. maybe.

  10. Quite honestly I don't know how I am surviving. I am working a lot of overtime and every morning I wake up with terrible anxiety. Now I am on my 2 days off but we have company visiting so it won't really be like time off. meh

    If I can just get some sleep. That is how I get through. And wine and chocolate.

  11. Lisa PR- And to you as well! Enjoy the stormy beach!

    Marty- Wine is fine for you. I am allergic. I took the ornaments off my tree today but it is still up. It doesn't take very much room.

    Denise- Some moments I feel fine, other moments I feel like just letting myself slide down and drown.
    We shall not, though. We shall not.

    Sandy- I think flavored vodka is never as good as it sounds. Ah, darling. We'll be going to bed early on New Year's Eve as well. Our boys are spending the night.

    heartinhand- I hope with all of my heart that you are planning a vacation to a warmer clime.

    Big Mamabird- Chances are, he certainly will outgrow them soon!

    Jenny Woolf- Ah no! Do you need a dentist? I hope not.

    Elizabeth- My usual costume is barely more than pajamas anyway.

    Angella- Maybe...

    ditchingthedog- Sleep is my favorite coping method as well. Thank god I can do it. Be well, dear woman.

  12. Oh, how I laughed about the butter. There's a boy who knows what he wants. I am surviving by long and rich and funny visits with my goddaughter and her husband, who stopped in Portland on their way from the east coast to Hawaii. I want to crawl into one of their suitcases.

  13. Andrea- I'm so glad you liked the part about the butter. Gibson. He's such a funny boy. And yes, he sure as hell DOES know what he wants and being two, he is determined to get it.
    How big are those suitcases? I don't blame you.

  14. Yep. Done with Christmas. I don't want to see any green & red together for at least a year. I'd prefer it if Christmas was every five years.

  15. Chocolate and macaroons, too much of both in fact. I think I am now a robot...


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