Monday, December 29, 2014

More Wonders And Mysteries

Besides growing things that look like that around here, we also grow things which look like this:

That is my finger there on the left for scale and perspective. 
I have no idea what that thing is. A beetle of some sort, I would assume. Do any of you know what it is? It was on the pillar at the front of Publix today. 

Anyway, that's the most exciting thing I've seen today and here's just about the prettiest thing:

Bug had to climb a ladder up into a tree to get that hen. So now we have two. The third one flew away and he can't find it. Anyway, I just think she's a gorgeous little hen, sweetest gray color you ever saw. I think we should call her Dove. I hear she's wild and so she's in the coop now and will be for a few days. Suddenly I feel as if I have about fifty more birds rather than just four. And a friend of Lily's is going to be bringing us a new rooster soon. We've got a poultry farm!
Mr. Moon reports that Miss Camellia is roosting in the old pump house so that's good. I've been finding eggs in a nest in there again. I wonder if hers is one of them. 

Mysteries of chickens.

Well, that's enough. I'm going to go cook supper. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Mine is gone, I still have the really, really wild one the neighbor bought for dinner and his wife said no to him killing her. I have been feeding her every morning, time will tell if she will tame up. Gail

  2. Hank- Isn't she? So soft looking. I hope she settles.

    Gail- Oh no. I am so sorry. May the new one become more trusting.

  3. That hen *is* beautiful, and the beetle a bit large, just so ya know! We are back to colder temps and had a light snowfall, so the plow has come and turfed all Nad's poo pebbles of the sides of the road.

  4. Holy could put a harness on that bug. The Yankee gal in me just shuddered. Swear to God we don't grow nothin' up here that big or scary looking.

    But that little grey hen is so very pretty. Kind of makes me want to get a flock of my own. X

  5. Big Mamabird- When I lived in Denver it sure was pretty when it snowed and it sure was a damn mess when it thawed.

    Camille- I tell you what, keeping chickens helps keep me sane.

  6. That bug is scary and enormous. I am so glad we don't have bugs like that here. But the flowers maybe make up for it. Yours are beautiful. And I love, love, love the chickens.

  7. That camellia at the top is magnificent! The beetle thing. He just looks kind of scary, and like he'd go crunch if I stepped on him.. which I would never have the heart to do.

    Grey hen is beautiful.

  8. I bet Mike knows what kind of bug th as t is. He'll be home in a few days & I'll ask him.

    Dove is indeed a pretty grey girl!

  9. Dove is a beautiful bird. And a new rooster for the flock. That'll be interesting.

  10. I'll take -30C over the bugs! Yikes!!!
    I'm glad the poultry situation is under control. Lol!

  11. That bug is just so...big. I sure the hell would not be putting my hand near it, you brave woman. It has a stinger!

    I sort of feel sad for Dovie. I wonder if she is like us and just anxious.

  12. Kelly- Well, I guess one does balance the other. And always, there are chickens.

    Mary- I do believe he would crunch. I hope never to step on one to find out.

    LBags- Yes. Please ask Mike. Kathleen was the entomologist around here.

    Jill- New characters in the ongoing story.

    heartinhand- I don't think ANYTHING is under control here. But frankly, I'd rather have the bug than the cold.

    Birdie- I think she may be anxious. Which yes, makes my heart go out to her. And I don't think that's a stinger. I could be wrong.

  13. I have no idea what that bug is. I don't recall ever seeing one like that before, even when I lived in Florida.

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  15. After a bit of online research, I believe it's a Giant Water Bug.


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