Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sunset, Moonrise

Went to town and stayed with those boys for awhile. They are such good boys, such good brothers. I mean, sure, they're kids. They get loud, they don't listen sometimes, they can be demanding, and then they turn around and give you a foot massage or a hug or want to crawl into your lap and be held.
Not saints, just real children who act as real children do.
I got to hold and pet Rusty for a moment or two. He's a little shy, still, of course. Cute as ever. But he's definitely that family's pet now. Maurice seems a bit relieved that the little one is gone.
Here she is, lying in the fallen pecan leaves while I took pictures of the sunset, the moonrise, pretending that she hasn't followed me out to see what I am doing.

The setting sun gave off a pink glow to everything, including the orange cat.

I did something I'm not proud of today. Well, I always do things I'm not especially proud of but one in particular. I walked all around Publix pretending not to see someone. Have you ever done that? It hardly ever works unless the other person is avoiding you as well, which must have been the case today because we managed never to lock eyes. 
I could go into a long essay about why I don't care to speak to this person but the bottom line is, I just didn't want to. It would have involved a lot of fake niceness on both our parts because we are polite women. I don't dislike her. I just don't understand her and she doesn't understand me.
To a very vast degree.

Chalk and cheese as someone said the other day. And frankly, we spent several years trying to understand each other and it didn't work. 
Let it go. 


Same moment. Different parts of the sky. 

Does the sun understand the moon? Does the moon understand the sun? Do they pretend not to see each other despite the fact that they are both such important celestial parts of life on our planet? 
I do not think they care at all, they just are. 

Sometimes, maybe that's the way to be. Don't worry about the other one, let her do her job, you do yours. Your light is different from hers, your gravitational pull as well. 

Best not to crash into each other, mainly.

Meanwhile, always cognizant of the fact that we are all connected and of that there is no doubt in my mind.

And made of starlight.

Or something like that. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yes, I have done that and in Publix as well. I have done it more than once and with different people for different reasons. Gail

  2. No, no, no. No sun crashing into the moon. Very bad.

  3. This makes me love you even more! I've pretended not to see people too!

  4. You are so very gracious in describing someone you do not like. I think that is lovely. If we could all look at others that are different than us the same way you do we would be a lot better off.

  5. Oh, I hate that -- running into someone you'd rather not see. So awkward! I like thinking about two such individuals as sun and moon, different self-contained celestial bodies...

  6. Sun and moon are independent entities, but the only reason we see the moon at all is that the sun's light reflects off the moon's surface. Moonlight is just reflected sunlight. Of course the moon would still be there, tugging away at the tides, whether we could see it or not, but as Gilbert & Sullivan say, "She borrows light that through the night mankind may all acclaim her, and truth to tell, she lights up well, so I, for one, don't blame her".
    For a better independence metaphor (and an escape from British light-opera drollery), forget sun and moon and try William Carlos William's "It's a strange courage you give me ancient star: Shine alone in the sunrise towards which you lend no part!"

    --Awesome Cat Mama

  7. Gail- I think we have all done it.

    Denise-Yes. That would be bad.

    heartinhand- It's just the truth.

    ditchingthedog- Well. I guess I don't like her so much. You are right. But she has shown kindness to me in the past. So there is that. And I have shown kindness to her.

    Angella- And what I said to Birdie.

    Steve Reed- Yep.

    ACM- Well said.

  8. well, yes, I'm sure we all have. I'm very good at not seeing people I don't want to let into my world. especially when I was younger. I'm a little more mellow now.

  9. You didn't do a bad thing! You did a perfectly sensible thing. So did she. It's ok to do that. Do the things that bring light, not the things that make you feel bad.

  10. I avoid people all the time because I'm an introvert! Even if I like someone, I avoidd them.

  11. I used to do that but now interact more and have much more compassion for all that people are and aren't. I get it finally.


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