Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pictures Plus

Good morning. I slept another thousand hours last night after I ate my delicious quiche although I did not eat the entire thing.

Let me just say that finally learning to make good pie crust may turn out to be a goddam curse. 
Kale, tomatoes, peppers, onions, spinach, mushrooms and a tiny bit of bacon. And cheese. Of course. My tummy accepts duck eggs with great and fervent joy. 

Speaking of ducks- those things are a damn mess. I think I'm going to move their tub outside the coop today and let them free to waddle about. Also Miss Camellia.
We shall see.

Speaking of camellias. Are you sick of them yet? 
Get over it.

I love them so, these gorgeous Japanese imports. And I planted them all from tiny little sprigs. 

Here's what it looks like fifteen feet beyond where I am sitting right now.

Why would I ever want to leave? Cardinals, little finches, chickens, camellias, live oaks, pecans...
Chittering, chattering, bawking, crowing. Eating, flapping, snapping seeds, sipping from the little pond. Life!

And here's Maurice, trimming the ponytail palm. 

She does this all the time. Poor ponytail palm. 

Just got texts from Lis! They're coming over tonight for "golden hour cocktails and merriment."

Well, that's life in Lloyd today. I think I'll put on my overalls and go mess with that duck tub. 

Golly but my life is exciting!

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I love your yard and your camellia pictures. No flowers in my snowy neck of the woods. That quiche looks delicious too! My cat keeps chewing on the fake Christmas tree. I cannot imagine why she finds it appealing. At least yours is eating an actual, real live plant. Have a great day Ms. Moon.

  2. Kelly- Cats are simply mysterious in their ways. Which is one of the reasons I like them. You have a great day too!

  3. haha that cat picture and your words with it crack me up

  4. haha that cat picture and your words with it crack me up

  5. Keep the camellia pictures coming. We just got 6" of snow. I could use a flower picture or two. How nice that you have happy hour to look foward to - it's like a present you get to open later on.

  6. Tell me more about these camellias ... how big are they? Could you mail me springs? I think they'd be lovely in my soon-to-be-mine yard.

  7. Your camellia pictures are just lovely as is Maurice as are you. Sweet Jo

  8. Maggie May- She has an obsession with that plant. I guess she likes the crunch of it.

    Jill- True! Don't worry. There will be more camellia pictures.

    NOLA- When I said, "sprigs" I meant tiny plants from the nursery. Camellias probably can be rooted but I'm no damn good at that. Camellias are extremely slow-growers. I always say, "They are not an immediate answer to your landscaping needs." Which is why I am so proud of mine. Nine years old and just really coming into their own but not nearly as big as they will be some day.

  9. Who could ever be sick of camellias??

  10. Never too many camellia pictures! Ducks sure are messy, so are geese and so they both give splendid but usually filthy eggs. The ducks do a funny thing with fences, just so you know...they walk along with their beaks to the ground, so as not to miss any delicious morsels which means that they slip right under fences sometimes without noticing, and then can't find their way back in...

  11. I never get tired of camellias or the chickens or ducks or Maurice or any of it. Gail

  12. Sick of camellias? Are you kidding? The only colours outside my window is gray and green. Please keep posting pictures of them.

    Maurice! We can't have plants at all because Norbert destroys them. He is in love with the Christmas tree.

  13. Life is great! And who on earth would get sick of camellias??

  14. I had not seen a camellia prior to reading your blog. They are as beautiful as their name sounds.

  15. I love that top photo. Is that an avocado plant? Now I'm dying to know whether our camellias are blooming too! I think it's still too early in England.

  16. Jo- They're just knocking me out this year.

    Big Mamabird- Well, mostly our fences have open gates so eventually get to a place where they can get back in or out.

    Gail- Because you are sweet as honey.
    Thank you!

    Birdie- Norbert. He should have his own blog.

    Mary- I can't imagine being sick of camellias. But I'm odd.

    jenny o- There are about ten billion varieties of camellias. Okay, not quite that many. But they are all so different and lovely.

    Steve Reed- Nope- that's my mango from the seed from Roseland.


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