Monday, December 15, 2014

And Rock A Bye, Sweet Baby James

Well, golly. It's been a day.
I've spent a great deal of it at Kathleen's house, mostly just sitting with her. Her husband went to run some errands and I probably annoyed the snot out of her, asking her things like,"Can I get you some tea?" "Would you like something to eat?" "Are you cold?" 
All she wanted was some water, a bit of peace, the ability to breathe more fully. And her pain medication.
We sat and I knitted and she crocheted when she wasn't napping, just like we used to do when we were the Foley artists for the radio shows at the Opera House. Well, she didn't nap when we were onstage. But besides that. We billed ourselves as the Miller Sisters when we did that gig, which was appropriate in that we both have the maiden name of Miller.
We did talk some and the hospice music therapist came while I was there. She was a darling child with a most amazing voice and she played us a few songs from our past. 
She had no idea who Keith Richards is but she has heard of the Rolling Stones.
We thought this was hysterical, me and Kathleen.
"Ah me. We are old," I said. She agreed. Kathleen, that is. I'm sure the darling music therapist thought so too but she is far too polite to say so. 
But she played us James Taylor's "Sweet Baby James" which I have always loved, and my favorite Beatle's song of all times, "In My Life."
It was a peaceful afternoon. 
I am home now and for some reason which I cannot figure out, I can't access my blog site either from my computer or phone but can access it from my iPad which is where I am writing this. It is all very mysterious and a friend of mine wrote me this morning to say that she couldn't access it either. I spent some time with tech support but none of their suggestions helped. 
I've tried using both Safari and Chrome and I would blame one of them but since it's both...
Or my computer but since it's happening on my phone, too...
Or on my server except that I CAN access it from my iPad...
Well. A ghost in the machine somewhere.  

Mr. Moon is out of town and I hope to go to bed early. I have an appointment with my dental surgeon tomorrow morning to see if my implant site is ready for the crown. This little oral project has now been going on for over a year. 
Ah well. It all could have been so much worse. 

And for those of you who have been wondering about Bad (Evil) Santa I give you these. 

His light thingee is broken so he can only stand in the reflected light of the tree but there he is, standing guard. We all need a guardian Santa, don't we?

So that is me tonight on this evening, six days before the Winter Solstice. I keep thinking of the part in "Sweet Baby James" where he sings, "Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose/Won't you let me go down in my dreams?" 
I see Kathleen's hands, working even now as she comes in and out of dreams on a blanket of deep greens and blues, her crochet hook weaving the yarn into warm stitches. 

She is beautiful. 

Let us all have beautiful dreams tonight. 

Love... Ms. Moon


  1. I am going to the dentist tomorrow also, to finish a root canal. I hope he cements the temp crown, I would hate to be missing an almost front tooth for Christmas. I thought bad Santa was bigger, I don't know why. I have been thinking about Kathleen, I know your visits brighten her day. Gail

  2. I love James Taylor! I can't believe someone on this planet doesn't know who Keith Richards is!
    I also can't believe how many calories Ive consumed today. I need it to be January so I can go on a weight loss program.

  3. Sad to read of Kathleen, but she seems to be in good spirits. Or as good as can be expected.
    Never heard of Keith Richards! That's just scandalous. Silly little tart.

  4. Gail- Bad Santa is but a small man. His evil looms large though.
    I don't think that my presence brightened Kathleen's day at all. She is beyond that. But. We were together. I told her many times that I love her.

    Bob- I know. Bless her heart, you know? She wants to play guitar and doesn't know who Keith Richards is? That's like wanting to cook and not knowing what flour is. Or salt.
    Ah well. She did have a very lovely voice and a sweet presence.

  5. Sweet baby Jane is such a good song, and some days that is all it takes to make me weepy. It is so good that Kathleen has loving company, and with such a history between you, oh what a blessing! She really seems to be such a kind woman. I was present for the last days of my step-father who was a very kind man indeed, and the glow of his loving just grew every day as he cleared the decks, readying himself to fly...such powerful days.

  6. Maybe the North Koreans are messing with your blog.

    In all seriousness, I am lulled into peace and calm by your words about Kathleen crocheting these hours, you sitting by her, the beautiful music, the gentle laughter.

  7. I sang that song to my babies as I rocked them, and that's how one of their first phrases was "tinkin bout wemmen and lasses of beer". No apologies, here.

  8. This is all so beautiful. Being with Kathleen, Sweet Baby James, In My Life...all of it. Bittersweet.

    Goodnight, you Moonlight Lady...

  9. What an amazing beautiful thing, to have someone who loves you so much, sitting at your side. Kathleen is blessed with love. I hope the pain does not catch up with her.

  10. You and Kathleen are both fortunate to have this time, as I'm sure you know.

    For what it's worth, I had no trouble accessing your blog yesterday. Blogger is weird and kind of buggy sometimes.

  11. Kathleen is so very fortunate to have you sit with her. In my mind, there is no greater gift you can give someone then your time and at a time like this to not be alone is something that is beyond expression for me. My heart swells at your goodness. I wish I could wrap my arms around you. Sweet Jo

  12. I found you recently, but I can't remember how. I enjoy Baby James, too. It's soothing, isn't it? This is a lovely post, bittersweet but part of life and you captured it so well.

  13. Oh I was wrong. good. Kathleen is still among us, still conscious. so glad you are getting this time with her.

  14. At least seventy-eleven times a week we have the "are we old or are everyone else just now graduated from junior high?" exchange here. And In My Life is my favorite too but with Judy Collins singing.

  15. How wonderfully beautiful that you and Kathleen have each other. So holy.

  16. Bless Kathleen and bless you. Just sitting together is everything. love.

  17. We have the best music therapists but alas they are very very young. They don't know our music but then again, I don't know theirs. And I don't really care to know, lol!

    In My Life is my sweet, sweet William's favorite Beatles' song.

  18. Yay bad evil Santa!Thanks for showing him.
    Sounds like a sweet day.
    I love that song too and just heard it on Pandora on the way to work yesterday. That is a favorite line.

  19. My image of you and Kathleen sitting there quietly and listening to music is good. James Taylor just played in the city. We opted not to go. But we are going to go to the Pink Floyd experience on March 2. Sweet Baby James is a great song. In fact, most of his songs are great. Copperline is one of my faves.

    Cannot imagine not knowing about Keith.

  20. I'm sad. And comforted. Thinking of you and your dear friend Kathleen.


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