Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Little Flame In The Heart Of Darkness (And The Worst Cat Pictures On The Internet)

We are a rain forest, our skin grows pale, our eyes would be too shocked at the sight of the sun to open. It is okay though. It is beautiful in its own gray, brown, green way. And the water is sacred and a gift to our land.

We could not find Maurice last night. I even went out in the fog and rain with a flashlight and cast the dim beam on the slick road to make sure she had not been hit. Mr. Moon searched too. 
Our cat. Our silly cat.
Finally- I checked my office. There she was, meowing behind the closed door. Gibson and I had been in there yesterday to play and I did not know I'd closed her in. She is a sneaky one, that cat. She was so happy to be free. She slept on my legs all night long and did not even complain when I moved.
Here she is today, pretending not to follow me around. 

Don't look, Maurice! If you do, I will be able to see you.
My god, how that crazy cat has stolen our hearts. I hugged her up this morning as she stood on the center counter, trying to get to Mr. Moon's cereal milk. I didn't give her a chance to escape, just hugged her with all my arms. Only for a second. She looked so shocked and offended that my husband and I both laughed out loud. 

And look!

Finally. My own darling, dainty pink camellia. She is shy and lovely. 

Good morning from Lloyd. I feel at least 1/8th human today which is so much better than the way I have been feeling that it feels like a Christmas miracle. 

I myself just watched that Rolling Stone video of "Ran Fall Down" but I won't suggest that you watch it. I've already posted it at least five times. I don't know why I like it. It's sleazy and sexist and disgusting and dark and...wet. 
Oh wait. That would explain it.

All right. Must go to town and then come home and wrap and cook and so forth. 

Light the lights against the darkness. Play whatever music makes you happy. 

Come on, people. We can do this thing. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Yep, we can. That's exactly what I said as I sat with my coffee in my quiet house filling my mom's pillbox. Soooo glad Maurice is fine.
    Thanks for the camelia!

  2. Make the light shine! I love the wet yard with all the leaves and the rooster and cat and garden vegies all lined up happy in the rain, also the camelia, so sweet we must love her and ourselves, well it's true...play that funky music, white girl and shake your hips at the old darkness with all the cheekiness you can fit in...shine on shine on sweet Florida star.

  3. I can't explain so I won't try... this is one of your posts that just makes me happy.

  4. Norbert has gone "missing" a few times. I am convinced he does it to teach me a lesson on how grateful I should be to have him in my life.

    He is right.

  5. Yes the wet is here also. I wish i had your truly lovely flower to gaze and hold.i am listening to "You are so beautiful" and all of the rest of Joe Cocker that i can get.(RIP JOE)over and over again... i hugged my dog this morning.Our animals keep us grounded i believe.4 paws/feet and all..Merry Christmas to you and yours.Give Bug a HUGE HUG (s) from mary in Alabama Peace...

  6. I had the pleasure of seeing May today! She was our gracious server. We pulled in and Will said "I've always wanted to eat here!" Bless his heart, he was a tagalong at a work lunch. The rain and thunder was too much for him to be at home so I picked him up and he had already eaten. I promised to bring him back another day. <3

  7. Glad you feel better! Poor Maurice!

    We have a big camellia in our garden in London. I'm looking forward to seeing what color it is!

  8. Aw, glad you found Maurice safe. I have done that before with the dogs. We can do this and it will the 26th before we know it. Gail

  9. oh yay Maurice. My orange cat Murphy went missing one night and I almost lost my mind. Your garden looks fantastic. Merry Christmas!

  10. Denise- I can't wait to give you ALL the camellias!

    Big Mamabird- That's one the sweetest, best comments I ever got. Thank you!

    Jill- I sure am glad it did.

    Elizabeth- We sure do that a lot, don't we? Girding, girding, girding. The constant girding!

    Birdie- I would not put it past that beast of yours.

    mary i- Yes. We love our animal babies. They do keep us grounded. Poops and all.
    Bless Joe's heart. He was a force, wasn't he?

    LBags- Yes! May said she saw you and Will. I love Fanny's. Funky and very fine.

    Steve Reed- That is definitely something to look forward to!

    Gail- I feel like I'm on the downhill slide. I'm so glad we found Maurice too!

    Bethany- Those silly cats! Why do they do this to us? With all the rain we're getting, my garden is either going to float away, rot, or grow like crazy.

  11. Glad the light is getting in through the cracks! Why am I never satisfied with the gifts I've bought? What is THAT about? But hey, I went out and I shopped my list today and that is huge. We can do this indeed!

  12. I am glad that Maurice is back. Went riding today but the rings were a mess. So much rain and another day of it tomorrow.


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