Wednesday, December 3, 2014


It has gone from clear to foggy to clear again here today already and I am just back from a walk and am sweating. It is probably over seventy degrees now and as I spent many words decrying the situation when it was cold, I should now give over a few to say how nice it is to be warm.

It is not a special day in any way that I know of, just a plain, nice, peaceful one. There is a Highway Patrol unmarked car parked in Mr. Lawrence's old parking lot at the intersection of two roads that people are most apt to speed through and he is pulling folks left and right. I gave him a thumbs-up when I went by on my way home from the post office, my arms full of holiday catalogs. I can't believe how fast people can accelerate from stopped to not in the space of less than a block on the county road in front of my house. People can be so thoughtless for the safety of others and of animals, too. I used to be that way when I was young. I was. I admit it.
I try so much harder now. I certainly don't always succeed but I try.

I feel quiet in my soul today. The sweet madness of Thanksgiving is over, the dreaded insanity of Christmas not yet upon me, despite the catalogs which produce anxiety within me- all those lovely gifts just waiting to be purchased and given and don't my loved ones deserve them all?
Oh my god.
Of course.

Well. Not today. I am not going to trouble myself with any of that today but just be glad of the sun, the blue sky, the way the house feels with the doors open to the air which flows between them, the orange cat in the jungle yard stalking the wild lizard, the chickens scratching about the yard, content and drowsy in the sun. I want to clear out the refrigerator from all things Thanksgiving, create some order and cleanliness in my house, move about with slow and quiet intent, doing that which I do to make my own small world the haven where I feel most contented, most at peace.

I feel most lucky to be able to do that.


  1. I am feeling pretty lucky today too. It's a good feeling.

  2. I love being warm especially in December. It's warm here to for a few days. and oh driving fast. I do. I admit it. I like to drive fast but I do try to be careful.

  3. I am feeling a bit down. Have every reason to be happy as a clam but my worrying side has surfaced. I am working on it.


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