Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Society Of Poultry And Humans

Ah, my darlings have come and gone. We had a stroll-around-the-yard-martini and then a porch martini and I made us a salad from the garden and heated up the quiche and made a loaf of bread. Lon loves my bread and I love to make it for him.
It was such a sweet, short, precious time and we missed Mr. Moon tremendously.

Lis and I went to shut the chickens up and Willy and Lily (whom I had let out of the coop today along with Camellia) had settled into the hen house with the rest of the chickens but Miss Camellia is nowhere to be found. I hope she is roosting in a tree which is what she did at home. But it made me laugh to see those goofy chucks in the hen house. They can't roost due to their webbed feet, but they were settling into the hay. They had a good time in the yard today and I think they mostly determined their safe places and ventured out from there on little cautious excursions.

It has been a very nice day and I got a lot done and mostly, of course, I got to see my beloved friends and hug them and be with them and enjoy them and laugh with them. They know me so well and yet, they love me.
It's a miracle.
Not the only one in my life, but a sure-fire wonderful mystery of one.
And I love them with all of my heart and it is one of the major good things about my life that they are part of it.


  1. Oh! You have the loveliest voice!

  2. Oh, dear lord. That little movie short deserves an Oscar.

  3. The movie won't play on my phone. I'll be back when I get to a comp. Glad you had such good times with your beloved Lon And Lis.

  4. The camellia pics are amazing and heart warming. Mostly because it's dead of winter cold here again and anything other than frozen is a welcome sight.

    I love that you drink martinis.

  5. jenny_o_- Thank you!

    Elizabeth- An Oscar Meyer wiener, perhaps.

    Angella- I always do.

    Heartinhand- My camellias are just busting out like glory. I feel so sad for you in the frozen north.


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