Monday, October 8, 2012

The Weather Is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here

I got the old mama hippie hips tonight. I actually let Jessie, May and Matt take a sunset walk without me. This has never happened before. Ever.
I started out to walk with them but then I realized that instead of a pleasure, it was going to be a sort of discipline and I AM NOT IN THE MOOD for trying to release my pain in the name of...something.
And so I let them go on without me and I came back and I'll start supper here in a few moments and it's so nice to have my girls here and to think that tomorrow Lily will be here too.

My daughters.

Oh, how sweet that sounds to me. My daughters.

And from what I gather on Facebook, my son is thinking about coming back on Friday.

I don't even know how we're going to leave. We have too much stuff here. Maybe we'll just have to stay forever.
"Sorry. We can't leave. We have too much stuff."
Do you think that would work?
It would take us a month to drink all the beer and liquor and we have enough food for at least two weeks.
So, no. We probably can't leave.

Oh my. Look at this.

If you click on it, maybe you can see the dragonflies. There have been more dragonflies and more butterflies than I've ever seen in my life here this trip. And no mosquitoes or no-see-ums.

Time to make the pico de gallo. Time to mash the avocados.

Time to be grateful as hell, old hurting mama hippie-hips and all. These hips have carried a lot of babies on them. They have propelled me over thousands and thousands of miles of walking across the skin of this earth. They deserve to hurt. And they deserve to rest.

I will walk tomorrow. You know I will.

See you then.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. And even if you don't walk, you will still be surrounded by your beloved ones in a place of beauty and life is short. Enjoy whatever you can manage with no guilt!

  2. I just love that you are having this sweet time with your children and their children during the month of October. It's just so cool --

  3. Maybe those hips want a nice hot bath. Maybe they want some loving. Maybe they want some arnica. Or all of the above. I hope they get whatever they want so they can walk happily tomorrow.

  4. Sounds like you are listening to what your body is saying. I do that more and more now. No pushing if I hurt. Love that photo with the dragonflies.

  5. So glad for you, dear Mary. And I have those same hips some days. They demand respect.

  6. Have you ever watched the tv show Parenthood? I was watching last night and realized that I think of Bonnie Bedelia's character as being a lot like you. A smoking hot hippie gramma. Enjoy your days with your girls. I hope one day I get to do a week at the beach with mine when they are grown. That is lucky mama stuff right there.


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