Friday, October 5, 2012

Scatter Shot

Elvis waits outside the henhouse for one of the ladies to finish her laying-of-the-egg to take her back to the flock or maybe to do a little dance to try and charm her into love.

Or maybe he's just eating some of his corn. Who knows what that rooster is thinking? He's a man, after all, and there you go. I don't really always understand men but I think that love and food are definitely high on their list of Very Important Things and when I say "love" I am not necessarily speaking of "courtly love" although Elvis is very courtly when he escorts those hens back to the flock. He is a beast, however, when he fucks one, holding on with his talons and his favorite hens are practically bare-backed from his attentions.

I am back from my walk, I am feeling okay, I slept like a cold, gray stone last night, dropped into a dark, dark well. It was fantastic. And now I need to go to town and help Mr. Moon shuttle a car and then go to Lily's and babysit for my boys for just a little while and then come home and get ready to go out on a date tonight. Maybe I'll do my beach shopping before then. I remember back in the older, olden days when I'd take candles and twinkle lights to the beach, even for a long weekend and who knows? Maybe I'll take some of that again. I have a string of poinsettia lights at Dog Island which I hung on a framed map which is on the wall behind the seashell/mermaid altar which are still working after thirteen years and I bought those lights at the Dollar Store. I am not kidding you! It's like the Miracle of The Chinese Poinsettia Lights and every time I plug them in and they all light up again, I am at once amazed and not surprised at all. They are as much a fixture of that house now as the oak sideboard they hang behind. I suppose one day they will burn out. Everything does, eventually. Everything passes. Everything passes away.

The place we are staying at the beach is very comfortable but it is old and certainly hasn't been redecorated in thirty years. In fact, I doubt you could use the term "decorated" at all in conjunction with the place. Here's a picture of the living room:

Is that great or what? But yes, I think a strand of lights might perk the place right up, don't you?
Although really, who cares? This is where I'll be spending most of my time:

So there you go and here I am and it's time to take a shower and get moving. I am actually and truly excited. Going out tonight on a date with Mr. Moon, then a lovely, leisurely trip to St. George tomorrow and I'll remember driving there all those summers ago when the kids and I stayed at the funky old Starfish apartments where I slept on a futon which, when unfolded, rested up against the rack where I kept the canned goods and there were definitely twinkle lights involved in THAT place. And we danced to Jimmy Buffett and I crocheted tiny bags out of the thinnest cotton at night with a wire-like crochet hook when the children were asleep and then I'd unplug the lights and lay down on the futon and go to sleep myself, completely content to be exactly where I was and I am hoping that this next week is like that too.

Happy Friday, y'all. Wishing you food and love and whatever makes you happy.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I had a minute and had to steal over here. We really ARE related. I have twinkle lights strung all over my house. They help me survive the winter darkness.

    I love you so!


  2. "Fairy lights" all year round here too, I even take them camping! They're a necessity.
    Enjoy your date with Mr Moon tonight and Lis and Lon's music and voices.
    And have a wonderful time at the beach house. I can't wait to read about it, no wonder you're excited.
    O Elvis! A gentleman and a beast . . . the best of both worlds.

  3. I think the beach does that - makes you feel as if you don't need to be doing anything else in the world but napping in the sun (or under an umbrella in the sun). Do people who live on the beach get anything done ever? I hope not.
    have a wonderful trip.

  4. What did you put in the tiny bags? The beach... on your doorstep... looks so lovely.

  5. I just love that you take twinkle lights with you on family vacays. What a wonderful mother -- person, for that matter -- you are!

  6. We have white twinkle lights in the kitchen here. Not sure about whether they will go in the remodeled kitchen or not. But we really do like the glow at night. Have a good time at the beach.

  7. Let me just say that I was very, very fond of some of those Christmas lights at Dog Island for a certain part of my last trip out there.

  8. I love the look of that living room. There's something about beach houses, with the old comfy furniture and tacky paneling, that's really wonderful. And how could poinsettia lights not add something?!

    Have a great trip!


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