Thursday, October 4, 2012

So I'll Ask You

The newspaper today came printed on pink paper. I support breast cancer research but how in the FUCK is tinting everything pink going to help? I don't know. I'm in a bad mood.

Why were the debates so boring? Why was Obama so...nonassertive? Why do we still talk about "clean coal?" Where in the world does clean coal come from? Princess Fairy Snow Drop Mountain?

Why did I start reading Spalding Gray's journals last night at 2 a.m.? We know how this ends up. It is not good.

Why do I wake up at 2 a.m. and feel I must read?

Why is it that some of my clothes are fitting really well but others seem not to have changed at all in their tightness? Or, not much, at least.

Have I told you that Baby, the Banty hen has disappeared? No. I have not. Well, she has. She is no doubt dead and was eaten by a hawk or owl. Why does this upset me so? Did I not know it was going to happen? Yes. Yes I did. But I'm still upset.

What's a Biblical Family, Chick-Fil-A? One that wears sackcloth and sacrifices a firstborn son if the Lord demands it? One that the Lord tells the husband to go unto his wife's maidservant to fuck if his wife can't conceive?

Why are we so obsessed with how much cleavage celebrities bare?

Why did Arnold Schwarzenegger fuck all those women? Including his wife's maidservant? Oh, wait. I know the answer to that one- because he could. 

Where does anxiety come from? Why won't my NP prescribe Xanax for me? Why does she keep giving me herbal and supplemental remedies that don't do shit? And that cost more than Xanax?

Why would Huffpost tell me to "WATCH! Justin Beiber vomits onstage!" I don't even want to watch Justin Beiber sing onstage. Did I spell that right?

Why am I sitting here on my ass when I have things to do?

Do you have answers today? If so, submit them. Or questions. Either one.

Let us go forth.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Well, I don't have any answers but I'm pretty sure you spelled sing, right.

    Got plenty of questions myself like why the fuck would anyone think that a book written by a bunch of patriarchal sheepherders 5,000 years ago to keep the people in line or a book written by patriarchal governing elitists even 2,000 years ago to keep the people under control is relevant today?

    I refuse to do the pink thing. I refuse to post a heart of FB or to tell what color my bra or purse or shoes are, I refuse all the breast cancer awareness stuff because it doesn't do anything. send money for research, that will help.

  2. Here's my question: what should I eat for lunch today? Pho? A chicken and black bean burrito? Delicious fried oysters? Probably not that one. Why did my favorite caribbean take-out place shut down?

  3. Good questions. I guess you should possibly go to another practitioner who will surely give you your prescription. You are the consumer, you have the power. Hopefully.

    Some of these questions, however, might serve you better if you leave the asking to some other poor schmuck. Especially the Beiber vomit question. Are you sure that wasn't just code for his actual singing?

  4. Jo's vomit/singing question made me laugh...

    Otherwise... I don't know shit. :)

  5. Honey, you blog when you damn well please. I go for days without blogging. Sometimes I'm sleeping. Sometimes I'm delivering a baby. Sometimes I don't fucking feel like it. In this here world there's too many shoulds and not enough creative laziness.

    Your friend,


  6. Well. I would like to know what happened to the Prez as well. He looked tired and seemed impassionafe. I had a sinking feeling. I was up until 2 AM reading tweets and listening to news radio, still shaking my head.

  7. I felt the same way Syd did watching the debates. Prez had prepared based on past Romney platforms, wasn't prepared for the new, new one. Mitt looked shiny and competent and I could just see the Republicans beaming. Obama looked tired. Just tired. I know that feeling and I know you do too.

    I love that Romney is gunning to cut PBS. That's a raindrop in the ocean of debt, I just got sick to my stomach after about 20 minutes, so I put it on mute and finished reading a terrible, gorefest zombie apocalypse novel. It had a strong female protagonist otherwise I'd have found something better to do with my night.

    I have no answers, just lots and lots of questions too. I just got off the xanax, and my life is no better, no worse, just the same mess it's always been. Still looking for that magic pill.

    Sorry about the chicken baby, life can be so cruel.

    I hope Hank got his questions answered.


  8. I think Obama was feeling the effects of the altitude in Colorado. It'll all swing the other way should the next debate go better for him. It's all bullshit, and I resign.

    As for questions, why did I wake up suddenly from sleep last night and see weird shit hanging from my ceiling? Why did my dog have a tiny clump of poo clinging to her stomach this morning? Why do I have a dog?

  9. No answers today. Only questions. Why am I sitting in front of my computer doing nothing? Just ripening?
    I am a Belgian in England and I watch PBS, don't cut it please...
    Why are the Americans having elections all over? Is anything changing for the good? Am I the only one to think that we actually might be better off without boring people guiding us?
    I personally think that it is a good thing Ms Moon that your GP refuses you Xanax... There is no pill that can help you with your past. Only your heart can... I know, that might not be enough. So no, no answers for you today, only questions...

  10. And while they are tinting everything pink why do they call it 'awareness' when everyone has heard of breast cancer? I'd guess that 95% of people out there either have a friend/family member who has (had) cancer. It's not awareness when they do these walks, tinting. It's called fundraising.....

  11. My doctor in California used to give me some herbal stuff that worked better than Xanax, but I can't remember what it's called. I'll remember soon and let you know. She had herbal stuff for everything.
    I think Obama was on the defense because whatever he said Romney would pounce on.

  12. Kava kava.
    I recommend it highly if you have no liver problems.

  13. I'm still not sure which video I watched, Mitt Romney speaking or Justin Bieber vomiting.

  14. "Where in the world does clean coal come from? Princess Fairy Snow Drop Mountain?"

    This made me *literally* lol long and hard. I adore you. Thank you for making me laugh today.

  15. Ellen Abbott- Yes. And Yes. And yes.

    DTG- So...what did you end up eating?

    Jo- Haha! No. It was actual puking, I believe.

    Stephanie- Me either. Obviously.

    Beth- Yes but I have no life. I usually LOVE to blog.

    Syd- Yeah. He seemed very tired. It was weird.

    Mel- I agree. Like PBS is why we can't balance the budget. Forget that pesky military thing. It's ELMO!
    I knew the chicken was going to die. Every day she showed up again was a miracle.

    Also, I give up too.

    Photocat- Well, I don't really want help with my past. I just wish I had a little help with extreme anxiety now and then. Don't ask me why we Americans keep having elections although I think we have to. It's in the Constitution. Or something.

    Rebecca- No kidding.

    Rubye Jack- Yeah. I've done that too. In various forms. It's okay but it doesn't last very long. I went to a Kava bar in Asheville, NC last year a few times. It was...interesting.

    Magnum- You win. Best comment.

  16. Amna- I'm so glad I could make you laugh. Thanks for telling me.

  17. Why did I watch the debates?
    Why did I move so far from the man who loves me?
    Why do I have a headache?
    Why do I bother blogging when there are far more interesting bloggers than I?
    Why has my mom napped the last three days? Is it the new medication?
    Why do I have absolutely nothing to say?

  18. whatever will they do when it is decided that pink ink is a carcinogen?


  19. I LOVE these comments. What a community you have created.

    I have no answers but I really like the questions. Mine right now - the deep burning question in my mind - should I get fancy (aka expensive) coffee in the morning. deep deep thoughts...


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