Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Don't Ask Me

I haven't posted today for several reasons. The main one being that our beloved Ms. Bastard got hacked  over at her place and when I went to to see if I could see anything there to help her, I got the same warning message that I got at her blog and so I wondered if maybe I, too, have been hacked although I see no signs of it and I was talking to Elizabeth about this (and I don't want to link anyone today because, well...what if it's like the flu, you know?) and she said she'd just backed up her entire blog and she sent me instructions on how to do that and so I've done it and now, hopefully, it's on this little flash drive I have sitting here right beside me.

So that was one of the reasons.

The other one is that I just haven't felt like it. Which means there is something powerful wrong in my head or my heart because I never don't feel like writing except in the direst conditions which is odd because I feel off today but not dire. I mean, last night I was talking to a friend about my blog and I said, "I know I overblog but I don't give a shit. It's my blog and if I want to post sixty-eight times a day, I will," and that's generally how I feel. And gee- I even went to MY Publix (when you live in a town with approximately twenty-seven Publixes, you have your OWN Publix, which is a grocery store and we're all very territorial about our Publixes) and they're changing the whole store around and god knows I could get a whole blog post out of that, incorporating the concept of change in general and good change versus bad change and the inevitability of change, etc.

I do like the new sections carrying English and Middle Eastern foods, by the way. I now have a choice when it comes to buying tahini and I saw that they had chocolate Halvah which is danger, danger Will Robinson!

And I started a post this morning about the debates and said that watching Mitt Romney affects me in much the same way that watching George The W affected me but without quite the intense need to PROJECTILE VOMIT, just merely a feeling of nausea so there was that, too, which I could have written about.

But I don't know. Whatever. Maybe it's the weather which is drizzly but not stormy, and cooler but not cool and maybe it was talking to the woman last night whose husband had just died after a horrible lingering nightmare of a disease and maybe it's nothing. Maybe it's just a hormonal dip although I don't have enough hormones to get a gnat excited these days so a dip would be practically impossible. Remember biorhythms? Maybe it's those. Or the moon phase. Or the planetary line-up, Mercury obscuring my Venus or something. Maybe it's gluten or dairy or a lack of fish oils although no, I just ate salmon twice this week. Maybe it's because I'm a summer but keep dressing like a winter.
Well, whatever it is, I'm sure there's a scientific explanation.
Unless there's not.

So anyway, here you go and let's see if I can publish this without getting smacked over the head with a hacker warning. I've got bread rising and a deer sirloin roast cooking in the oven with bacon and carrots and I'll add some potatoes here in a few minutes and cook some green beans and it'll be like Sunday after church, only not really. Not really at all.

And I am thinking of that woman who took such good care of her husband for so long and how now he is gone and how she said his passing was magnificent and maybe, maybe, I am just feeling very humbled and quiet.


  1. I was messed up, and mean, and low, and all around awful today. I was lower than low, and am trying to dig out of it. I blame...well, I don't know what the hell to blame. Anyway -right there with you. I started to blog a paragraph, and then just deleted the whole thing. It was awful.

  2. What? I commented on SB's blog today. WWhat happened? I just told her that I was soooo glad she was back at her computer. Dang. I feel like I was a jinx!

  3. You didn't feel like writing, but then you did anyway.
    When I'm a grump and tell myself I'm not going to write, I usually don't. I guess I'm stubborn even when something is good for me.
    If I could I would let you have my peanut butter cookie.

  4. I love biorhythms. it's my main excuse for when I don't feel like doing anything.

  5. My wife is not watching the debate for the same reason . She said that she feels nauseous watching Romney.

    I don't feel as verbose as I used to on blogger. I am sometimes just not in enough of a need to write. And life has been calm lately. I like that.

  6. SJ- Whatever planetary or whatever things rule my moods seem to rule yours too. Strange, eh?

    Gradydoctor- Who knows what happened? I feel so bad, though. She's so busy at work and doesn't have time to deal with shit like this.

    Rachel- And I would definitely EAT that peanut butter cookie.

    Ellen- I may need to adopt that.

    Syd- We can eat when we're hungry. We can write when we feel like it. It's all okay.

  7. That makes sense, most especially the last line. Just don't make a habit of it please, this not feeling like blogging feeling, ok?

  8. God, I'm in the foulest humor -- literally mean and mean-spirited. I've even fantasized about shooting people between the eyes with arrows.

    And I'd be reading your posts -- all 67 of them -- so please don't post that much.

  9. did someone hack her comments? i've been hacked twice through blogger, once by someone posting weird celeb photos and once by someone using my old blog address to post business advice (not sure if this is a hack but it's odd).

    when i was reading my posts her stuff still comes up as live and seems 100% sb.


  10. I don't know why, but "maybe it's because I'm a summer but keep dressing like a winter," cracked my ass up.

  11. Bethany- Don't worry. I am too full of it not to feel like blogging frequently.

    Elizabeth- Okay. Just for you. I won't.

    Mrs. A- I just get a warning when I go to her site that she's been hacked and that going to the site can cause computer damage. Huh.

    Stephanie- That could cause problems, I would imagine.

  12. Ms. Moon,
    Thanks for all you did to help me with the possibly hacked blog thing. You did more than I did. So thank you! It either fixed itself or a blog angel stepped in and fixed it for me. Maybe it was the good folks at Google. I love them, and I think they could fix anything.

    You are NEVER a jinx. EVER.

  13. I'm behind on reading but I'm glad Itook the time to read this. Love you in that blog-fan way.


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