Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Ramble

My house is smelling heavenly again because I've pureed all those roasted vegetables, the carrots and acorn squash and tiny sweet potatoes and a red onion and garlic and cauliflower and three beets, and they're simmering with some chicken broth and I have a chicken in the oven and it's just been a wonderful day.

I think about how very, very down and completely filled with despair I become for no apparent reason and then how I generally perk back up like a tomato plant which needed nothing more than a good drink of water and I wonder what it is which waters me, revives my soul and spirit.
I honestly do not know and after all of these years, cannot detect a pattern.

I took Buster in to the vet early this morning and then went to the grocery store and came home and then went to Monticello which is where I vote. In Florida, early voting started on Saturday and I didn't expect anyone to be there, really, but there were nine people outside in line when I pulled up and I joined them and waited my turn and when I put my ballot in the machine, I teared up. As much as I say that I do not have the patriotic gene (and I swear, I don't), there is something about voting that gets me in the gut. I filled in the circle beside Obama/Biden completely and darkly and laughed to myself to see Roseanne Barr's name down there at the bottom of the choices and if I hadn't felt that truly Obama is the one for this job, I would have voted for her.

I'm feeling real emotional about this election. I just can't fathom how anyone could think that Romney is a better candidate than Obama. I mean, I JUST DON'T GET IT. The man can't open his mouth without an untruth coming out of it and his sense of reality is not what I would call grounded, if you know what I mean.

Well, I didn't really come here to talk about the election. It's just a major thing hanging over us right now and I'm concerned because I really hate the idea of living in a country where the populace would be so stupid and dare I say it? racist (because that has to be a huge part of it- I'm sorry but it does) as to elect someone like Mitt Romney as president although hell, we allowed George W. Bush to be president twice and if that's not proof of stupidity I don't know what is and racism wasn't even part of that equation.

I went back into town this afternoon and Lily and the boys and I went to the grocery store AGAIN! Three times for me 24 hours. I mean, that's ridiculous. But Lily needed groceries and I had to come in and get Buster anyway, so I went too. Owen wanted to tell everyone he had a runny nose including the ancient bag "boy" who can't hear shit. Owen kept saying, "Sir! Sir! I have a runny nose!" but the old man ignored him completely, hopefully due to deafness and not rudeness. I love Publix for hiring the elderly and the handicapped but I've never liked this old man, even when he wasn't that elderly, approximately twenty years ago. He's been working at that Publix forever and I swear he's there every time I walk in the doors and my heart always sinks a little when I see him because he's just bad vibey and that's all there is to it. He scowls. All the time. He ain't got no smiles to spare. Not even for a little boy with a runny nose.

But yes, Owen and Gibson both have colds and so do Lily and Jason and they've all felt terrible but they're excited about Halloween. Owen is going to be a RED Power Ranger and Gibson is going to be a chicken. They're coming out tomorrow before six a.m. and I'm hoping that it's as easy and laid-back as it was last week. I hope they both take some good naps because they're going to need their energy for Trick-or-Treating, not that Gibson's really going to Trick-or-Treat but he'll be going along with his brother. Jessie and Vergil are coming in and they want to go Trick-or-Treating with the boys and May and Matt indicated they may want to go and I can just see fourteen adults following Owen around watching him ring doorbells and saying Trick-or-Treat! and then going into ecstasy at all the candy he's collecting.
I guess Mr. Moon and I will go. We'll see.

We picked up Buster and then I came on home and Mr. Moon had just gotten home and it feels mighty cozy, having him back from Orlando and the soup simmering and the chicken roasting and the heat on. I'm about to go make some muffins. Oat bran with bananas and pecans and hell, maybe raisins too. Why not? Let's go crazy!
And yes, I bought goat cheese today. And some sort of "cheezy" ramen noodles because Owen likes them. I'm a fool for that boy and his brother too. As I should be. I figure that as Owen's grandmother, I don't really have to provide for good nutrition. I just want him to love me so of course I'll let him eat crap if it makes him happy although mostly he eats apples and peanut butter and stuff like that when he's here. And smoothies and muffins. May took care of the boys out here on Friday when Mr. Moon and I were away and she said that every time she told Owen he couldn't do something he would say, "Mer Mer let me. I do it ALL the time." Which is probably true.

So I voted for Obama and I went to the grocery store twice and I took the dog and brought him home and that's a good day for me. Especially the voting part. I feel so honored to vote for that man.

I don't know why anyone would want to be president but I'm glad he does.

Here. I'll leave you with these that I snatched off of Facebook. Thanks, Ned Stuckey-French and Billy Lunsford.

Night, y'all.
Go vote. It might perk you right up.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Dear Ms Moon. I got caught up after being away. About to fill in my absentee ballot for our dear besieged prez. And the hurricane has broken my heart again. Always breaking, my heart.

    I recently heard Dean Young, a poet you might very well enjoy, read. HE had a heart transplant last year. Holy fuck, right?

    Love from your friend in Seattle,


  2. Mary, dear

    I got behind in reading blogs and just caught up with the one you wrote a day or so ago about "Puzzles"....your conflicted feelings about your Mother and YOUR guilt and various other torments of the damned.

    It inspired me to spout forth with one of my off-the-wall rants, and after I hit "publish" I realized first, that you probably would never see it because it was on an old blog and secondly, that I had failed to make it clear that I was writing from a contrarian position but with love.

    Please understand that if you go back and read it. I love you and empathize totally with your struggles with an elderly parent with dementia....just wish I could skew your thinking a bit so you would not have to suffer so much.

    Love, Lo


  3. What I wouldn't do for one of your oat bran muffins, especially if it had raisins.

    Thinking of you.

  4. Sounds very cozy and yummy. I do miss home, even though I know we've done the right thing for us in the long run... in the short run, I love hearing about your soup and muffins and cozy house.

  5. People have all kinds of reasons for voting the way they do.

    Although, of course, Canadians have no voice in your elections, we can't help but get caught up in them because there is such a fuss made and, well, it generally matters to the rest of the world who gets the job.

    Yesterday, my liberal son asked me who I thought would be the better president. Generally speaking, I'm conservative but in Canada, our conservative is not nearly as right wing as yours - and I said in all honesty that, given that Romney has absolutely no connection with regular people and is mainly concerned with his own bottom line, and that of his croneys, and because although Obama doesn't seem to have accomplished a lot - much of that is because he was saddled with problems not of his own making - he has tried to improve things there with healthcare which, frankly, as a Canadian, I have no clue what the furor is against it. Beyond that, his leadership has been rather benign from my point of view and he should be given another go. My son agreed. My husband, who I didn't realize was even listening, went off his nut screaming that Obama hated the Jews and wouldn't stick up for Israel and that is not okay and he needs to be out of there. Well, I don't know if that is true or not. I understand my husband's vehemence though as he is technically Jewish and he has family in Israel (whom he doesn't exactly know although he has VERY recently been in contact thanks to the internet). So I suppose people can make choices over a very small angle of self interest. Big business will go conservative as it always ends up more profitable for them.

  6. The image of all of ya'll parading around after Owen as he trick or treats cracks me up. And reminds me of when my boys were that little and how they took to trick or treating like it was bred inside them.

    And I can't wait to see Gibson as a chicken.

  7. So much I want to tell you about this post and also your one about your mother misplacing her money but I'm distracted and on my kindle fire which is very laborious typing, not conducive to clear thought so I'll have to come back but I'm here and I'm reading and by God I love you and you inspire the heck out of me and you voted. Yes. Yes.

  8. Doesn't it feel great to vote? Even from my far remove, I felt a sense of satisfaction when I mailed back my ballot. Unfortunately I vote in New Jersey, my last place of residence stateside, where my single vote probably won't make much difference from an electoral standpoint. Oh well. I still had my say!

    I'm glad you had a better day and you're appreciating your kitchen and your cozy house and your family. It all sounds pretty great, I must say.

  9. I'm glad you voted early, too. I sent my ballot in from France last week. No doubt who I voted for either, Romney is an idiot and would do a lot to try to take America back to the stone age.

    Glad you are cozy and warm with the Mister. Can't wait for the Halloween family photos. We actually had some trick or treaters here last year, so I have baked some oatmeal cookies with raisin faces and am carving a pumpkin to put outside. And yes, these kids will take a cookie and will not take the pumpkin and smash it. Here it's call politesse.

    x0 N2

  10. I must have fallen asleep last night reading this as this morning it is still open on my iPad. I voted last week for Obama and against every republican on the ticket because they have gotten just too extreme. They are so extreme that the liberals have had to become conservative. If you compare liberals today with liberals 20 years ago you'll see what I mean.

  11. Keep up the pressure. Let's win Florida. Let's beat Mitt Romney's ass so bad he can't even get a show on FOX News. All these people claiming they think he is the answer will spit when they say his name on November 7. Fuck them.

    How's that?

  12. Beth- I'll check him out. I'm so glad you came here when you got back. I adore you.

    Lo- I loved that comment so much that I almost posted it as a blog post on its own. I may yet. And I love you.

    Bethany- They are DAMN good, those muffins. Back of the Quaker Oat Bran box. The recipe can't be beat.

    Ms. Fleur- I want pictures of your new planet!

    Jeannie- I think that if Mitt is elected (dear god- please- no) that the US will go down in international opinion again. I thought we regained some respect when we elected Obama. I sort of want to apologize for being an American sometimes. So- okay- I'm sorry. We're a bunch of assholes. Mostly.

    Elizabeth- We decided not to go but I told EVERYONE involved- send me pictures! If I get them, I will post them.

    Angella- You are one of the main reasons I am grateful for this blog. I love you.

    Steve- Look- every vote does count. In some way. Thanks.

    N2- Sigh....That's all I have to say.

    Ellen Abbott- I, too, vote Democrat all the way. If you believe in anything I believe, you are not a Republican. That's all there is to it.

    Juancho- That will do. Fantastically.

  13. I always get emotional and tear up when I vote, always. One reason is knowing that women have not had the right to vote for very long. Suffragettes went through hell for a right that many women do not take advantage of. I also get emotional because we live in a country where we have a choice on who we vote for. (Even if someone votes for someone I can't stand I do stand behind their right to do so.) And there is always the emotion of believing in the party I vote for, the New Democratic Party. I believe they have what it takes to get Canada back on track.

  14. I live in a backward state where there is no early voting. But I will be there on election day to vote for every Democrat on the ticket but most especially for the President. He is a good person. I can "feel" his goodness in the way that he looks at others and in his demeanor. I do think he will shake things up in his second term. This has been such a bitter election. I will be glad when it is over.


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