Saturday, October 6, 2012

Leaving. Eventually

Here it is almost ten in the morning and I am nowhere near ready to go and I want to go collect downed branches in the yard before I leave and I need to water the porch plants and why, why, WHY do we ever go out at night? Okay, yes, it was fun but I drank tequila at midnight, YES! I did! and don't you judge me.
But you know, whatever, and I got to talking to a guy I've known forever about his history in Tallahassee and how he got here and the music scene and what was going on in the early seventies (music, music, music, mushrooms, beautiful hippie nudity, etc.) and it was fascinating and by golly, I want to talk to him some more about all of this and who knows? Write something about it.

It was wonderful/terrible to see Lon and Lis. Hello! Hello! Oh, good-bye. It's so hard to love someone so much that you hardly ever get to see. Lis has written some new songs that are wonderful and one that's especially beautiful about living in Florida and as always, I'm in awe of her.

Well, that's the way of it and I need to get my ass in gear. I bought a bunch of stuff yesterday at the grocery. Tiny bottles of everything from olive oil to dishwashing soap and potatoes and onions and a quinoa and wild mushroom mix and I don't even know what all. Staples. Also, glittery blue nail polish. Very important, that.

I can't believe I'm leaving Mr. Moon for a week. He's decided to stay home this weekend and finish some chores around here so he can go hunting next weekend with a clear conscience and it's always him that's leaving me, not the other way around. I'm fighting feeling guilty which is a ridiculous thing to feel, guilt, at going away to the beach for a week with the kids. He asked me if I had left him food to heat up and eat and no, I had not. I did buy him a frozen pizza.
(Guilt, guilt, guilt.)
And he's already working on the deck and here I am.

So here I go. Time to get ready to go to the beach!

Stay tuned.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Have a wonderful time -- I'm happy that you get to do this with your kids and grand-kids! Try to relax and be easy --

  2. Oh Mary. Have fun! And coming home to Mr. Moon will be all the sweeter for a week away.

  3. He will survive and so will you. Enjoy the beach and your children.


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