Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Morning Services Will Be Held At The Water

Last night I made the most beautiful pico de gallo. Hank had stopped at the flea market and bought a bag full of grape tomatoes and I cut them up so precisely and chopped some garlic and red onion and cilantro and peppers and added lime juice and salt and it was as good as anything I've ever eaten. I took some of it and added it to a mashed up avocado and that, too, was perfect.

Beach food.


I took the pictures above with my actual camera. I couldn't get online yesterday but today I can so there you go. Hank and Togi and I spent a lot of time last night sitting on the deck and looking at the stars and then the moon rose, like half an orange tortilla, glowing like nobody's business and the stars faded, all the light in the sky being taken up by her, the moon.

Not a good picture but the best I could do. Lord, she was huge. Old, too. 

She stayed up in the sky all night, I'm assuming, and has left the sky empty and clean this morning of nothing but blue. 

I'm going to go put on a bathing suit and set up my umbrella. 

Happy Sunday, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Happy Sunday to you and yours, too ~ gorgeous photos!

    The pico do gallo sounds divine.

  2. Mmmmm, sounds like heaven to me.

  3. I always need my batshit crazy sermon. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  4. Sunday sermon at the beach sounds perfect. I could eat that pico and avacado and call it dinner! I almost had the same but had rice and shredded crock pot chicken too.
    The beach in October...sigh. Enjoy Enjoy!

  5. Much happiness to you also. Nothing like the beach and the ocean on any day. But Sunday, well, that is usually when I head home so often it is a sad feeling. Glad that you are having a great time.

  6. That picture of the moon is incredible! I'm sure it pales in comparison to what you actually saw, but... it looks pretty amazing from here.

    Your sweet man saved me from heat exhaustion yesterday. He must have seen my red face glowing from where he was working on the deck. (I was mowing.) ugh! And he came by wielding a Gatorade. What a guy! We had a short but sweet visit and i returned the ax. Nice.

    Hope your adventures continue on the path of good beach food and incredible star/moon shows.
    xo m

  7. Ah that beautiful half Moon makes me think of you without your Mr Moon.
    Enjoy the beach, the food and your family. The sun, the stars and the moon. All of the good things x

  8. Lulumarie- Pico de gallo is my favorite vegetable.

    Lora- Close enough for me.

    Jill- So glad to oblige.

    Michele R- October may be the best beach month of all.

    Syd- You're retired! You could stay until Tuesday if you wanted! I am so grateful to be here.

    Elizabeth- It's very different from your beach. Both beautiful. I think you would like it here.

    Ms. Fleur- He is a nice, nice man, isn't he? I'm glad he was drinking gatoraid himself!

    Bugerlugs- Ha! Good metaphor!

    Pamela- It's a very photogenic place.


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