Saturday, October 20, 2012

Not Lazy. Languid

I have had a morning of complete leisure so far. I watched an episode of America's Next Top Model online because I keep forgetting to watch it on TV on Friday nights. The woman I know in the show is still on and good for her! She was the main focus of the "storyline" on the last episode I'd watched. The rest of the girls on the show were concerned about her eating habits. Or, shall we say...not-eating habits?

Shockerooni! A model who may have issues with eating!

Ah well. Reality TV. I will say that having known the girl a little bit in real life I don't think that the eating-disorder accusation was entirely unfounded. I don't care what anyone says, it is not natural for a six-foot tall woman to weigh approximately 90 pounds.

I am in a very good mood this morning. I am attributing that to the fact that I spent about half an hour last night laughing so hard that I was in literal pain. Sitting here all by myself. Laughing until I cried.
Yes, yes. I was on the website damnyouautocorrect.

I can't help it. I find these things completely hysterical. 

I'm a real high-brow sort of gal, aren't I? Well, I never claimed to be. 

And now I guess I've wasted enough time on this beautiful morning and I'm going to go try and trim up the wisteria which is completely out of control. It's so funny. I could do a million things today. Just getting rid of some of the spider webs around here could take hours but I feel so languid. 
Ah. What a nice word.

Yes. I am languid today, completely enchanted with the shining coin of an entire day to do exactly what I want. It's up to me as to how to spend it. 

Good morning, y'all. 
Good morning. 


  1. Good morning! Taylor and I are going to lunch, then it's housecleaning time. Love you!

  2. DTG- Give my love to our sweet Tay-Tay. I miss her!

  3. languid. what a lovely word. I'll have to try to use that more often.

    for most of my adult life I weighed about 98 pounds and let me tell you, 98 pounds on a 5'4" woman is skinny! then I got diagnosed with osteoporosis so I purposely put on about 20 pounds because as I was told by a weight trainer at the gym...your body is going to eat. if you don't feed it enough, first it eats the fat, then it eats the muscle, then it eats the bone. big eye opener for me. I never minded being skinny but the image of my body eating my bones was shocking.

  4. Haha! You said, "shockarooni!" That struck me as so funny today!

    Hi, Ms. Moon! It's Saturday, which are meant for being "languid." :-)

  5. Oh yes, we are on the same page my friend. We must be having the same beautiful weather.

    The sneaky thing is, though I feel languid, I am also propelled into motion due to the weather without resisting it. Did some errands I'd been putting off because I love being out and about on days like this. Now I'll be painting and renovating, but languidly.

    What a beautiful day!

  6. I love the picture of your porch! I want one like that for my morning coffee...

  7. Oh your ferns beautiful. Languid is perfectly golden.

  8. How funny that you watch ANTM... I have issues with the home schooled girl because she seems so utterly dependant on her mom. And she is in my humble opinion way too skinny. It seems to get worse every episode. Home schooling is pretty much unknown in Europe, and when I look at that girl, I wonder if it is a good thing to do. I think that whoever puts up that show should give a good example and don't let skinny anorexic girls in...
    As previous poster says: your porch looks so inviting! And your food looks out of this world. Put an extra plate on!

  9. Ellen Abbott- So you can be too thin? Probably not too rich, though.
    Not that we'll ever know.

    Nicol- I have been remembering your words all day long. And taking them to heart.

    NOLA- I languidly trimmed the wisteria and some palm fronds and so forth. Languidly.

    Mama D- Oh, the morning coffee gets drunk on the back porch. Which is also beautiful.

    Darling Rebecca- I adore ferns. I like to think that if dinosaurs appear, they will feel right at home.

    Photocat- Yeah, well. She's got some issues, that girl. She probably needs to be an actor, not a model.

  10. Oh, I love your porch and ferns and that rose! Languidly.....

  11. I've finally figured out that when I comment on your blog using my Kindle Fire, it never goes through. Weird. I know I commented on the word "languid," though, and that was before you commented on my use of "melancholy." We're connected.

  12. Lo- It's a Confederate Rose which is not really a rose but isn't it pretty?

    Elizabeth- What? Darn Kindle Fire! Yes, we're connected.

  13. Languor is a good thing. And besides, it sounds so delicious.


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