Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Good Stuff

I can't believe I'm saying this but it really has been a lovely, relaxing day. 

I also can't believe I'm still awake but I suppose that miracles do occur sometimes. When I know the boys are coming early, I invariably wake up around three and from there until approximately a half hour before I have to get up I go in and out of sleep and mostly out, until that magical thirty minutes beforehand at which point I fall soundly back into it but then, well, it's time to get up.
But when your grandson looks like this at six-thirty in the morning, well, you just can't help but feel happy. I mean, really.

Yes. He is always, always smiling. Here he is sitting on a towel in the kitchen playing with some stuff. He's happy with anything, that child.

I did try to get them both to go back to sleep a little while after they got here and Owen remembered the routine. We went back to my bed and he got out Big Bear and put him in the bed and got a few books which he read to me while I gave Gibson a bottle but then Gibson decided that he did not want a bottle nor to go to sleep but wanted to sit up and play, and Owen wanted to play and before I knew it, they were playing hide and seek under the covers and I gave up the idea entirely. 

It was fine. We had smoothies and apples and cheese and crackers and Owen played with the little cocktail mermaids and monkeys and swords which he always plays with and we put a puzzle together and I rocked Gibson while Owen rode on his rocking horse and Gibson fell asleep and was down for two hours and so I got time with Owen alone and then Gibson woke up and we all played some more and then Owen fell asleep and Gibson fell asleep again and then I discovered what the definition of heaven is for me which is lying on the couch holding my sleeping grandson while watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.
I told you I'm trashy. 
But seriously. That was the best. 
And then Gibson woke up and for the first time ever I really had some time just with him because Owen was in a sort of sleep coma and we snorgled and he laughed and I kiss, kiss, kissed him and he's doing this thing now where he waves his right hand in the air and says, "Ba-Ba-Ba!" and he likes to pat his mouth while he's humming and it makes that sound that babies like to make and we entertained each other for a good long while. May and Matt came over to get their instructions on how to take care of the animals while we're gone because they're going to house sit and they snorgled and kissed that boy some and then Owen woke up and was all cool like, "Hey, how ya' doing?" and he had some juice and Chex Mix and then his mama got here and it was like a very short tiny party (my favorite kind) and then everyone left and I straightened up the house which had been basically destroyed in every room.

And that was it. Such a good day. 

And now I'm waiting for Mr. Moon to get home and tomorrow we'll take off for a little tiny honeymoon anniversary trip after he takes Buster to the vet because Buster's OTHER ear (the one we didn't just get surgery on) is swelling up like a fried pastry and that'll probably cost as much as our entire little trip will cost BUT WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? Dogs. Damn. I'd rather spend the money on my grandchildren. Or, to be honest, even a piece of jewelry for myself because I am a selfish old bitch. 
But that's just me. And because we're "decent" people we'll pay to get that old blind dog surgery again, most likely and I swear- if I ever breathe the slightest thing about getting another dog y'all hunt me down and whack me over the head. I MEAN IT!
But. It'll be okay. 

And tomorrow we will have been married for twenty-eight years. 
That fact struck me hard this morning at six a.m. when we were both kissing our grandchildren. How there was no way in hell we could have imagined any of this, not one bit of it, that fine October day we stood up in the park and promised to love each other and be married and all those other promises you make having no idea in the world what you're promising. None. 

But I'm just so glad we did. For lots and lots and lots of reasons. Many of them entirely selfish. Because honestly, I am selfish. 
But. Mostly for moments like this:

We created beauty from our love. And joy and more love.

If I had to do it all again, I would not hesitate for one second.

Except for the part about getting dogs. That I would not do again. I promise you.

And I would have gotten chickens a lot earlier. But as to all the rest of it- oh yeah. 

Talk to you tomorrow.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. When my brother and I went to our Grandma's house, we always played with these glass rainbow-colored beads she had displayed in her bookshelf. I have no idea why, but we laid out a towel and dumped those beads all over the place and went to town.

    I love your line about promises. Beautiful.

  2. Oh happy anniversary, Mary.

    And instead of the dog I was going to send you for your anniversary (and sweet. baby. Jeesus, do I feel the same way about my dogs.) how about you send YOUR dog in a box to my sister the vet who loves to take in strays, and heck, if the dog is sick or doesn't make it, she's a vet. She'll know what to do.

    Your grandbabies are the best.

  3. I feel the same about dogs, the shitheads.

    Your grandbabies are beautiful. I hope my life looks the same in 28 years + 1 or 2 to meet my own Mr. Moon.

  4. I love your grandbaby posts because they remind me of how much my grandmothers loved me. Especially my nana who loved her family more than anything. She loved me so much and I carry that with me.

  5. You have some beautiful continuity in your life, Mrs. Moon. It's stunning stuff. I will never experience my daughter's grandchildren with their father also in the room. But I've already done my weeping for that. And so, I wish you joy, joy, joy.

  6. No dogs?! How could you choose jewelry over a dog. Dogs are jewelry for your LIFE!! :)

    I hope you have a great anniversary trip. Will you be blogging while traveling? I hope so because I won't feel right if I can't keep up with your activities.

    Owen let you take his picture! His guard is slipping.

  7. Sometimes, reading your comments is a close second to reading your posts, and today was one of those days! All that grandson love! All that dog annoyance! (except for Steve) and all this love that we all hold for you and your family, the way you write and how you feel.

  8. Chickens, no dogs. Preach!

    Your day sounds perfect. I hope you have a great time!

  9. What a happy G'ma day! That Gibson is one happy fella' and the O boy is no slouch in that department himself. All this and a honeymoon anniversary trip, too! You are one lucky woman. x0 N2

  10. Rachel- I think it's the fact that the things we play with at Grandmother's house are NOT toys that make them so wonderful.

    Mrs. A- Thank-you, honey!

    Sara- If only I could. That would be perfect!

    See Kate Run- Yes! Do it! Find a good man who is right with himself who loves you so much that he'll marry you during hunting season. Haha!

    Birdie- Oh, that is my hope. That my grandchildren will always carry my love for them in their hearts.

    Denise- My wish for you is that at some point, some day, you and your ex will be able (as my ex and I are) to actually enjoy and appreciate each other. It's a miracle in my life that that has happened for me. We are always family.

    Steve- Haha! Dogs only live fifteen years or so. Diamonds, on the other hand, are fucking forever! Yes, I'll be blogging this weekend. Perhaps drunkenly. Stay tuned. And yes, Owen will occasionally let me take his picture now. Not always by any means though.

    Elizabeth- I think the comments win, quite frankly. I live for my comments. LIVE FOR THEM!

    Jo- Me too, baby! Thanks.

    N2- The LUCKIEST!

  11. I hate to think about how much money we have spent on dogs over the years. Thousands--enough to send someone to Harvard, I'm sure.

  12. Oh these gorgeous boys! How they've grown! And what joy they bring you, and what love you give them... All priceless.


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