Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Owen And Gibson

My boys. Oh, my baby boys. How they love each other. Gibson will just laugh and laugh at his brother and Owen will do anything to make him laugh. Tickle him, make faces, kiss him.

We were sitting on the couch in the library looking at a Good Dog Carl book and I was holding Gibson and Owen insisted that no, he should hold Gibson, and he did, his arms wrapped around him, tightly and safely, and that's a moment I want to remember.

I was so tired today but sometimes, being tired is exactly what I need in order to slow down and pay attention. I moved slowly through the day, fixing a lunch for Lily and me and Owen and we ate and we changed diapers and we played on the bed and we swung on the porch swing, the mosquitoes mercifully depleted in number. When Lily had to go to work, Owen hugged her so hard and he's growing up so fast. He gets jokes now, or at least simple ones that we come up with, and he is understanding the underlying way of things and he is just so damn loving and so damn sweet and funny. Okay, yes, he still growls like a monster sometimes but when he does that, Gibson laughs and laughs so he's getting a bit of positive feedback on that one. He can't wait to go Trick or Treating and get candy and he told me that a witch monster was going to steal his candy. He has a very rich imaginary world going on, that boy.

We took Gibson over to see the goats and the chickens next door and I showed Gibson Miss Flopsie on the nest. He was fascinated. He can scoot backwards now and gets so frustrated because what he really tries to do is not crawl but to stand up because (and I know this is true) he wants to run after his brother. If you hold him up he bounces and bounces and bounces and I can just feel his legs getting stronger and ready for walking. He will hold his arms out for people now and he looks at us with longing, loving eyes, that beautiful little boy, until we pick him up and smooch him fiercely. He ate apples slices sitting up in his high chair while we had our lunch but I think he really wanted our tuna casserole.

Oh. They are growing up. They are getting big. They are so entirely perfect in my eyes.

Yes. This is a grandmother post, pure and simple. I am a fool for those children and when I see the way their parents love them and take care of them, I am humbled and awed. When I see the way my husband loves on them I love him even more.

This is something, this grandmothering, even when I am so very tired, because they are not my babies but they are my babies and when I asked Owen if I could take their picture in front of the big tree, he posed with Gibson and held his hand and the shadows dappled them and the tree dwarfed them but not really because they are pure light and love.

And I am so grateful for them and every kiss and every hug and every smooch and every smile and every puzzle and every game and every conversation and yes, even every diaper and yes, even every POOPY diaper because their bodies are perfect and it is a joy to give them clean bottoms and it is all a joy and I am going to sleep very, very well tonight and I do not feel mean or bitter at all now.
Not one bit.


  1. I've been a tree hugger a long time. That tree would be the best of all possible trees to hug.
    Feeling rather sweet and light here, myself.

  2. Nice to see photos of the grandkids. And I was tired today too. I actually took a 2 hour hard nap. I felt weird when I woke up and dopey. Just tired I guess.

  3. Well, I think it was not only those gorgeous boys that shifted your mean and bitter, but also the Coneheads (and that's a private joke).

  4. I just had to make these pictures bigger so I could enjoy them thoroughly. The expressions on the boys' faces just warm the cockles of a grandma's heart. No wonder they cheered up their lucky Grandma. x0 N2

  5. Denise- We'd need quite a few of us to hug that tree properly. It's so beautiful. It's the guardian angel of this house.

    Syd- Sometimes the body just demands rest, doesn't it?

    Elizabeth- You are so, so right. So right. Eternally grateful for you and your mind.

    N2- What would I do without them?

  6. Such darling boys. What a sweetheart of a big brother that Owen is!

  7. Hello Ms. Moon, your grandbabies are such handsome fellows! My son is two and has recently discovered the great Laurie Berkner, children's songstress, at daycare. So, this week I bought one of her CDs and it has the song, "I know a chicken" and it immediately reminded me of your chickens and I thought your little Owen would get a kick out of it. I found it on YouTube here: And for the record, my son knows when this is the next song on the CD and yells excitedly, "Chicken! Chicken!" I think we need to visit some chickens for him.

  8. Nothing better on this boring grey thursday in England then a good grandmaw post... The boys are precious. How nice that they entertain each other so nice. Nothing like grandbabies! Amen to that one... In a non religious way. Owen is growing like a beanstalk.

  9. Two beautiful, beautiful boys.

    I love you so.


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