Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another Day In Paradise

Good morning from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, right off the Florida coast! We got your sand, we got your water, we got your sky and we got your shrimp boats. We got your Jimmy Buffett playing in the grocery store!
It's mighty fine.

I really don't have a thing to offer or pontificate about or theorize concerning or complain about. I'm just at the beach and my hips quit hurting and I took another good walk this morning and the kids are off to breakfast and I've got a few minutes to myself before the grandboys get here and all hell breaks loose. Which it will. There will be sand and water playing and diaper changing and picking sandspurs out of feet. There will be, "I so hungry. I haven't eaten ALL day," and there will be "Mer-Mer, this your new house?" There will be juice pouring and sandwich making and attempts to get sun-weary boys down for a nap.

And tonight we might go to the world-famous (haha!) BJ's Pizza where Jessie and Lily used to love to go when they were teeny-tiny mermaids because...well, pizza AND Atari? Can't beat that. We had our nachos last night and I thought I might explode and then I made the kids watch Flipping Out and Lily kept saying, "He's so mean!" and then they all stayed up and played a game and I went to bed and there's your sunrise, right up there, top picture, and then a picture of the way the sun's rays were shooting through the clouds, silver-puddling up on the Gulf and that last one is a shrimp boat that went by as I was walking. I dropped my damn phone in the water but it appears to be fine, thank god, and that's about it from here, y'all.

I'm going to tidy up and wash last night's glasses and this morning's coffee cups and wait for those boys to get here because I need 'em bad.

I only have one more thing to say- those dolphins better show up today because they were slackers yesterday and I did not see them one time. We cannot have that. It is, of course possible that they showed up when I wasn't looking but they need to pay better attention. Or perhaps I do. Either way. I want to see some damn dolphins today.

That's it.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You've appeased my senses with your descriptions... now I'M hungry. Enjoy!

  2. Are you sure you're not in Mexico?

  3. Darn it Ms Moon... I miss you. Apple has changed something in the new system so I can't get the feeds anymore from your blog, so often I forget to go and check. And that is why I only read today that you are in your good place again, near the water, with your daughters and grandsons. What a beautiful spot you found. What better way to end up a filled summer? Thank you once more for sharing those peaceful moments with us...

  4. Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins....I'm chanting for you.

    I hope it does not cause some unforeseen outcome in the world of football.

  5. C'mon dolphins, give our Mary a good dolphin show.

    And maybe she can take a picture of it.

    XXX Beth

  6. Beautiful skies again, and everything else too. Thanks.
    I really hope you got to see some damn dolphins today, or even just one damn dolphin! x

  7. That picture in the middle? Brought tears to my eyes.


  8. I love this! I feel like I'm vacationing on the Gulf too!

    Glad your phone is OK. That would be scary!

    As for the dolphins, maybe it was their day off. (I'm picturing that Bugs Bunny cartoon with the wolf and the sheepdog clocking in together: "Morning, Fred." "Morning, Sam.")

  9. I am walking on the beach today too. Loving every moment.


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