Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pictures From Lloyd

It is, without a doubt, the most beautiful day of fall here so far. It is cool and the sky is a deep blue, completely unblemished by clouds. Not that I think of clouds as being blemishes and not that I wouldn't want to see some bringing rain but one must be grateful for the beauty one has and so I am for this sky today which I would call a sapphire blue, if I had to compare it to a jewel. Which I don't. But I want to.

There are so many wild flowers which bloom here in the fall. Far more than in spring, actually. So I took a few of their pictures today with my always handy phone camera WHICH I NOW CARRY IN A BACK POCKET!

I have no idea what this little bush is, but it's so pretty.

The black-eyed Susans.

Here's the old cemetery which is hidden from the road. It's about as big as a pocket and looks sorely neglected these days. I have no idea who maintains it.

Here's a beautiful blooming of Pyracantha, the berries of which remind me of tiny pumpkins. Supposedly, the leaves were dried and used in a tea by the Native Americans. A vision-quest tea. I keep thinking I'll try it but so far, I have not. 

Here's the fally-down house which I wrote about here a long time ago. One of my favorite posts, to tell you the truth.

One of these days it's going to collapse under its weight of old leaves, rot, vines and years. It will. 

Here's the very last part of my walk when I'm almost home. This tree always, ALWAYS makes my heart happy and directs my eyes upwards. 

I call it the man-woman tree. Because, well, look:

And now I am home and Jessie is drowsing on the couch. She had the most amazing day and evening yesterday and didn't get home until after 2 a.m. In a most fortuitous turn of events, her oldest childhood girlfriend delivered her first child last night and Jessie got to be with her and her husband at the hospital for the labor and birth. The baby, a boy, weighed 10 lbs, 4 oz and Molly, the mama, had him with no drugs for pain relief at all. I cannot tell you how proud I am of this girl, this very-much-now-a-woman, whom I have known for her entire life. She is the niece of my darling Lynn who died a few years ago and Lynn would be so proud of her too. Jessie showed me the pictures of the boy right after he was born and not only is he a brawny, handsome lad, he also has a full head of very long hair. Jessie said that Molly declared, "I have given birth to a toddler!" and so she did.

It's a good morning. A beautiful day. I am going to plant some more in the garden. It is too beautiful outside to spend any more time inside than I must. 

I hope it's beautiful where you are too. 

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. Thank you for the walk -- and that was, indeed, a beautiful birth story. Wow! Congrats to Molly and to your Jesse for helping!

  2. So... let's go back to the vision-quest tea. Is it anything like vision-quest mushrooms? :)

    By the way, your scenic route is lovely!

  3. I love old cemeteries. The names and dates AND THESE WERE ACTUAL PEOPLE and I think they are the most peaceful places in the world.

    If that house weren't seriously about to fall down, I would sneak in there too. Have you ever looked inside?

  4. Bahahah, toddler! As my friend said, 'get that child a schoolbag!' :)

    Congratulations to her :)

  5. Yes, we're having the same kind of day here too after the RAIN that makes everything sparkle.

    And hooray for no skin cancer. When I went to the doctor for my mammo and ultrasound of lumps I was sure was cancer, she said, Nah, you're fine.

    Sheesh. And I think I will pay for my profligate ways. Old sinner that I am.

    Off to walk the dawg. He's driving me crazy.

  6. DTG- Can you even believe it?

    Elizabeth- Jessie was SO happy to be there.

    Nancy- I think so. Sort of. Can you believe I haven't even tried it? And it grows in my yard too.

    Rachel- I haven't entered the house. Just peeked in. I think homeless guys may crash in some of the rooms where there is still a floor.

    Jo- I know. Amazing, huh?

    Beth- The chickens are gonna come home to roost for me one day. There is no doubt. Which scares the fucking shit out of me.

  7. Thanks for taking me on your walk with you today. It is the only outdoor life I've seen today, really. And the birth story: My own son was 10 lbs 4 oz and indeed I said, I have given birth to a toddler. This post took me back there so powerfully it was like whiplash. Good thoughts to Molly and her sweet baby boy. And to Jessie. She is a powerful spirit woman, isn't she?

  8. I covet your camera phone. I'm gonna get an iPhone yet! Have you ever heard that birds can sometimes get too much pyracanthas and get tipsy? I don't know if it's true, but I've heard it said.

  9. I really enjoyed your photos! And congrats to Molly and her family! And how wonderful for Jessie to be with her. I wonder what Jessie thinks when in her role at work she encounters women who say, "My doc says the baby is too big to come out so I am being induced or sectioned."
    A young nurse in the hosp room with my second baby being born cried over joy as she had never seen a baby born so after the mom having no drugs.
    --Michele R

  10. I had no idea pyracantha would produce vision-quest tea. Interesting!

    Thanks so much for the photos of your walk. The falling down house is great. You wonder how it ever happens that someone owns a house and then it gets so abandoned that it just falls down. Wouldn't they sell it? You'd think.

    That live oak is INCREDIBLE. And actually the cemetery doesn't look too neglected, at least not in the photo. I've seen worse!

  11. Congrats to Molly and that toddler.

    Steve, sometimes people die. Their heirs don't care anything about the house and just leave it to fall down. There may not even be a clear ownership. I used to live in a place full of fallen down cottages.

  12. Love those photos. This is my favorite time of year.


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