Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Mean Bitter Loser Speaks

Okay. I watched some of the debates. Long enough to hear the "binders full of women" comment from Mitt. He is completely and utterly clueless, isn't he?

I have to admit I lost interest after about an hour. Okay, I lost interest way before an hour was up. Then the TV I was watching the debates on started popping. Pop, pop, pop. Mr. Moon was watching a baseball game (I think) on the main TV and then Jessie came home and then I went to bed.
Let's face it- Obama could stand up there and say that he was indeed born in Africa and that his father was Idi Amin and I'd still vote for him. Did I already say that before? I can't remember. But it's true.

I seriously do not know what Mitt Romney's planet of birth is. It's not the one I live on. Maybe it's some Mormon planet. They have their own, you know. Planets, that is.

I'm sorry. I shouldn't be so mean about the Mormons. They're really no stranger than any other religion. I wonder if religious people have any idea how annoying and insulting it is to us nonbelievers to have every damn political thing end with the words, "And God bless America!" which completely disrepects those of us who think that's the most trite, ridiculous thing to say in whole world. Well, that and "Have a blessed day!"or "Smile! Jesus loves you!" or "White people are superior!"
Okay. Got off track there for a moment but honestly.

I lay in bed last night thinking about what a mean and bitter person I am. I didn't get nearly enough sleep which is a recipe for disaster for me.  I knew I had to get up at six to tell Jessie good-bye and so I woke up at four, of course, and lay there mostly thinking about what a mean, bitter loser I am and how I have no right to criticize anyone because I AM such a mean, bitter loser and how I'm just like my mother as to bitterness and now Jessie's on the road and the boys are coming out in awhile and it's overcast and I should be whipping up some more muffins for Owen but I'm out of oat bran and I need to take the garbage.

Okay. I took the garbage. I have on a bright mulberry colored shirt. I am going to go wash the dishes and finish the laundry and soon my boys will be here and I just heard that someone whom I AM NOT GOING TO NAME (and no, you do not know this person) said something very negative about me in the RELIGIOUS CONTEXT and I feel even meaner and bitterer.

I shouldn't have even said that. But I did because it's sort of funny seeing as how I just wrote what I wrote about religion.

And so it goes some days. The sun is not shining and yet, it's not raining and I am a mean, bitter loser and I have overdue library books and I'm out of oat bran. I hope Owen loves me anyway.

Yours truly...Ms. Moon


  1. If you are mean and bitter I hate to think what that makes me in comparison.

  2. Mean and bitter you might feel, but your comment about Obama and Idi Amin made me laugh out loud, so thank you for that.

  3. Hilarious is what i think--so funny I had to read the religious rant loud to my husband. You are not mean and bitter just because of your thoughts--it's actions that speak louder and your actions seem to be based mostly on love, especially for family and environment.

  4. You don't come across as mean and bitter - more like justifiably angry.
    Frustrated perhaps.
    Like you could slap some of these people upside the head.

    I really don't understand why Romney has any following - he's so offensive - and I don't even follow American politics so I don't see much of anything. I have seen so many people against Obama - how he was supposed to work miracles after the mess Bush left, I don't know - but it seems that a certain segment expected it anyway.

    I think if given another run, Obama could make a huge difference for America - maybe the little guys would have a little more and the rich would have to share a bit. Under Romney, I fear the rich will have free reign to steal more from the poor.

  5. Mean and bitter Obama lovers unite!

  6. mean bitter loser? you? hardly. I totally agree with the whole 'god' thing. it's as if us unbelievers just don't matter, we don't count. god forbid (hee hee) that we unbelievers should rise up and demand equal footing but then all the religious will get hysterical and we can't have that. maybe, when people say god bless us or have a blessed day we should respond with 'and the Flying Spaghetti Monster blesses you too'.

  7. when i read the title i thought you were going to quote something mean and bitter that loser romney said, certainly not yourself because you are not mean and bitter, you're just not, and you sure are not a loser so that is all.


  8. In spite of my best intentions to watch all the way through I got to the point when they were both talking about "middle class", once again considering that "middle class" meant you make 52 thousand dollars a year and I knew for a damned fact that they weren't ever going to talk about 59 year old women who had to work two jobs just to pay their fucking rent and were still struggling on when it would be okay to buy food for fuck sake. You know. THE POOR. THE POOR were not going to be mentioned not once I was pretty sure so I switched back to reading an actual book.

  9. Maybe this mean and bitter shit is a virus. I've been feeling that way too. But I think I'm feeling better today. Hope you are, too.

  10. Sorry to hear you are feeling mean and bitter.

    Like Radish King I lost interest after hearing more and more about the middle class they are all going to save and who, i wonder is going to help us old foggies living retirement of $30,000 something. And, I think, we are doing pretty good in spite of it. But I am no where near the middle class they talk about and neither are my neighbors. tiresome.

  11. I'm not sure you're being fair to yourself over the religious stuff because all those bless you's, etc., are coming from people who are so afraid of being the tiniest bit mean and bitter, the teensiest tiniest little bit, and so they slap some Sweet all over the top of it, but it's phony. And you are real. And real is best.

  12. I felt as if a good smackdown was what Romney needed and the President came as close to that as he could with words and not fists. I am not mean or bitter but I also cannot stand ignorance or arrogance in people.

  13. Well, I think you're the nicest, kind heartedest mean person I know. You're not mean and bitter,m just tired and cranky. Your post made me laugh and everything you said makes perfect sense to me.

    I tried so hard to pay attention to the political show this year, I really tried. The first debate I turned the sound off and read horror books instead - it made sense. The second, I just couldn't make myself listen to their cliches and posturing anymore. I'm with you, short of being outed as a philandering serial killer, Obama has my vote. Mitt, too many conscientious objections.
    Like Jon Stewart said on the Daily show, though, I can't believe we have to put up with 3 more weeks of this shit. Enough already, it's making us all tired and cranky.

    Thank goodness for the grandson report to help keep us sane together.

  14. Mama said there'd be days like this!

    I'm glad the visit from the grandsons turned your mood around. As for the debate, I agree -- it was BORING. I lost interest about 15 minutes in.

  15. Well, no, you can't be pissed off about people criticising you in the religious context, your religious context is anti religion, so of course they're going to be negative about that.

    No cake and eating it there, you big atheist :)


  16. Stephanie- Haha! This isn't a competition darling. We all have our days, don't we?

    Allison- I was saying to one of the kids that EVEN IF OBAMA CAME OUT AS AN ADMITTED CHILD ABUSER I just wouldn't vote at all because I still would not vote for Romney. So why do I even try to watch the debates?

    Polly- Hello! Believe me, some of my words are pretty mean and bitter too. Ask my family.

    Jeannie- For a "foreigner" you sure got it right.

    Elizabeth- It ain't all sweetness and light, is it?

    Ellen Abbott- And what gets me is how all these religious people keep saying that they are being threatened. Like, because you say Happy Holidays, their damn faith is being threatened. Fuck that.

    Angella- You are so precious. I swear you are.

    Madame King- I think that one of them, at one point, actually said something about raising up the poor to be middle class. Now wouldn't that be SWEET? Especially under their definition. Especially under Romney's. At least Obama has been poor. Seriously poor. At least he knows what it's like.

    Denise- It probably is a virus. I'm glad to hear that there's a recovery possible.

    Kristin- I know. It's like I said- we live on different planets. Who are OUR candidates?

    Andrea- And some days I'm just REAL mean and bitter.

    Syd- And smugness. Jeez, I HATE smugness.

    Mel- Thank god, too, for Jon Stewart.

  17. this world is going down the drain because of religion. Religion is the cause of so much heart ache. We would be far better off without it alltogether. As a foreigner I do not get the American voting frenzy, even if I am married to an American and even if within a couple of years I will or might be living in America. It's complicated and I wonder when rulers will get that the population has lost trust.

  18. I love this post. And as a point of solidarity, if there is a Mean Bitter Loser club, I'm joining with you.


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