Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Who, What? Why? Where? When?

What if? she asks herself.
What if? her mind whispers.

She walks and sees wrecks of cement houses, shaded by jungle, fifty yards from that ocean.

Could I? she wonders.
Would I? even more to the point.

Which is a moot one.

But for these days, all of the questions can be entertained.

Why do we limit ourselves to what should be? Why are we so afraid, even to ask the questions? The what could be's?

The most difficult one:

What if?


  1. oh yes. you are home.

    such beautiful blues; they match your ocean.

  2. Saying "What if" is about dreams of what I would like to do. I think that making those dreams a reality is the trick. When I use it in the past, it doesn't do me much good. What if you buy a little house in Cozumel? That would be great. You could fix it up and return when you feel like it. Follow the dream. And then there are not regrets for later.

  3. what it? Yes, I've eyed those places. But my kids and grandkids are here, my sister.

  4. You would like to live there forever? Hmmm... I can see you thinking it but I wonder if you could live without Owen around... I am living abroad, happy as two clams, but there are days that I crave my sons, family, friends... Yet I would do it again. It's for sure worth a thought

  5. Ah.......keep dreaming, that's the start to the magic, right?

  6. I'm all for 'what if', Ms Moon, and 'why not' and 'when', 'where', 'why' and 'how'.

    To me these questions point to different aspects of our needs to understand and survive.

    Here it makes me wonder about your present state of mind : all this curiosity has a poignant and slightly sad ring.

  7. You look like May or May looks like you in the photo.

    No what ifs. As Nike said: Just do it.


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