Friday, December 2, 2011

We're going out. My eyes are spangled, my feet red cowboy booted. Velvet is involved in my costume.
My man is gorgeous, tall and fine.
We're going to go hear music and eat supper.
Lon and Lis.
I've already gotten hugs from them.
Billy's right. Lis smells better than anyone on earth.
Oh my.

Mer and Bop are goin' out on the town.


  1. Have a great time, you two love birds.

  2. Love it. Love you. Have the best time. You deserve it!

  3. You both look great. I like your hair like that. Very nice. Enjoy some time together dancing to the music.

  4. Red cowboy boots??? Woooooo-hooooo! ~ photos, please?

    Lis smells like roses, always; so beautifully, romantically (is that a word? and if so, is it spelled correctly?)...Lis...ahhhhhh...enjoythe evening, the music, the magic, the scents...

  5. What! You guys are the most beautiful couple ever. How special.

  6. Great pic.

    Can't wait to hear bout your night time adventure.

  7. That picture is one of the best things I've ever laid eyes on.

  8. And a striking couple you do make. Beautiful!

  9. You two are the picture of love.

  10. Elizabeth- Oh, we did!

    gradydoctor- It was just what the doctor ordered. (I'm sure you've never heard that one before, right?)

    Elizabeth- We're pretty cute for old people.

    Syd- We didn't dance but we did hug a lot. Closely. Especially when we got home.

    Pamela- Thank-you, sweet. We surely did enjoy.

    lulumarie- Yep. Roses. Romantic and lovely. That's our Lis! Aren't we lucky to have her?
    And Lonnie too, that dear handsome man.

    Rubye Jack- We love each other and have for a long time. I think that makes us beautiful.

    Ms. Fleur- You know there always is one. Or at least, in my mind.

    Stephanie- "Come here," I tell him. "We need a kissing picture." We practice a little bit beforehand so we'll get it right.

    Jo- Funny how we're almost the same height, sitting down.

    Mel- I am SO lucky. And I know it.

    Denise- I love that movie!

  11. I am reading in reverse as I know about the evening now...ooohhh you two!


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