Friday, December 16, 2011

What a day. What a true waste of a day. I went to town.
Oh god.
Who knows?
Not me.
I had the idea I could get my hair trimmed. I haven't had it trimmed since Steel Magnolias and that was last, uh, March? How hard is it to get your hair trimmed? Impossible for me. I went to a place that May had told me about where there was a certain stylist who did good things with longer hair. The place was closed.
Closed. For rent.
And when it got to the point where I was just aimlessly pulling into any place that said Salon, I knew my fate would be to get the worst hair trim in the entire world- not that it would matter one damn bit- but it didn't matter in the end because every place I tried was CLOSED.
What's the damn deal? Tough times for the beauty biz I guess.
I will call my lady in Monticello tomorrow, see if she has time for me next week.
It was one of THOSE days where I kept driving around, stopping at places for fools' errands and nothing made any sense at all. The most important thing I did today was to buy a new non-disposable coffee filter. I am not kidding you.
When I was in the Bed, Bath and Beyond, buying that coffee filter, a woman was talking on the phone to someone about a coffee maker and the phone was on speaker and everyone in the store could hear the person on the other end yelling, "I don't want a one-cup coffee maker! I never said I wanted a one-cup coffee maker!" and all of us shoppers looked at each other ruefully- I mean, we couldn't NOT hear this. And the woman in the store with the phone was so patient and if it had been me, I would have told the rude girl on the phone to get her happy ass down to the Bed, Bath, and Beyond her own damn self and get whatthefuckever she wanted. Fuck it. You're done, bitch.
Ho, ho, merryfuckingho.

But in one store, and it may have been Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Happy Christmas, War Is Over came on the Muzak and I had to stop and listen to John and Yoko and those sweet children and think about the fact that pretty soon, very soon, our troops will be out of Iraq and dammit, that is something. We may still be fighting all over the place and sending out drones- I do not know- but look- we won't be sending our men and women over there.
Our girls and boys.
Our children.
To kill their children.
Thank-you, President Obama. Thank you for that.

And I was grateful and I remembered last night when some old dude from the home got up and said a little thing about how our troops would be coming home and he remembered being in WWII, I guess, and he sang I'll Be Home For Christmas in his old man voice, but it was true and strong and listen to me- if we wanted war to be over, enough of us, it would be. I'll never forgive George W. Bush for starting that war for no reason, NO REASON WHATSOEVER, but based on lies and more lies and nothing has come of it that will help anyone. I don't care what anyone says- war is never the answer. And if it is, I am living on the wrong planet and we are asking the wrong questions.

Shit. I don't know. I feel worn down like a penny left on the railroad tracks. Being in town with all of the Christmas shoppers has flattened me, the traffic, the way none of the shoppers seemed happy, the woman screaming on the phone, the way all of the beauty salons were closed, the way Walmart's garden center had not one flowering plant besides poinsettias and enough of those to provide a small nation with one apiece for its citizens, lines and lines of hothouse poinsettias, doomed to death by early spring and what was the point of all that water, that fertilizer, that energy?

But. But we'll be pulling out of Iraq. That part of war is over.

I don't know.

I went looking for War Is Over on Youtube but dammit, because of some legality we can't get the old version here in America anymore but we can get this one and it's got John speaking about government and the people and the power and it's eerily prescient and I couldn't get through the whole thing because it shows war.
You don't have to watch the whole thing either. You can just watch the part about peace and love and peace on earth and watch Yoko talk about how it's also about nonviolence in homes and bless her. Bless her heart.

My home is peaceful tonight. I am making soup. This is how I deal with things. I chop and I simmer and I cut and I gather and I make soup. And I am so grateful that this year I am not participating in something I do not either believe in or understand. John Lennon talked about how the government was focusing on long hair and stupid stuff like that and now we are focusing on giant screen TV's and buying, buying, buying and it's all the same- don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. Buy the crap, buy the party line, buy the lie that war is justified and if you don't believe it, you are not a true American while the main contender for the Republican party in the presidential race believes that giving children jobs as janitors is the way to educate our youth in moral values and the work ethic.

Yeah, well, I'm done with all of that. For now, at least.

I know there is much to celebrate and be grateful for in this world but for tonight, I am hanging on by my fingernails with not a whole lot of hope for the fucked-up human race.

I'll probably see things differently tomorrow and for tonight, I'm just grateful for peace here, in this house, in this part of the planet we call Earth, for the fact that troops will be coming home.



  1. War is Over is my favourite Christmas songs. I always post it on my Facebook and nobody ever says a thing about it. It makes me wonder what everyone else is thinking. Peace, love and equality is something that I practice all year long. I will never understand war.

    Try this link.

  2. Well, I don't want to make you more miserable, but, well, you're right.

    There is something very wrong with our world and America has a monopoly on many bad things.

    This, for example, says it all:

    Peaceful protest as terrorism? Seems like America is at war with its own self. What do the people who make legislation like this think they will have left over afterwards? Dollars? Sigh. Sob.

    And in Europe... I don't even want to think about the self interest and incompetency with which my country is being run and has been run.

  3. I'm living on the wrong planet, too.

    Or maybe just the wrong time.


  4. Hi Ms. Moon. I am with you tonight having a hard time finding some gratefulness. Well tomorrow is another day and I hope it is a great one for you. Take care.

    Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and absurdities no doubt have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; begin it well and serenely and with too high a spirit to be cumbered with your old nonsense. This day is all that is good and fair. It is too dear, with its hopes and invitations, to waste a moment on yesterdays. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

  5. Can't focus on the deeper parts of your post right now. But the search for a hair salon being open hit me as I ran into the same situation while in Colorado and it really gave me a creepy feeling. Why were all the hair places in town closed? Still bothers me.

  6. Dear, Sweet Miss Moon:

    I can tell you that being here in the "heart of it all" in Iraq has me so emotionally drained. Two more weeks and I get to go home. Two weeks and I'm done BUT...

    I want people to know that our troops and the civilians of Iraq aren't the only casualties. I've seen 12 year old Ugandans with machine guns eating in our chow halls because we hire private security contractors who hire these Ugandan children but they're not technically on our payroll so it's not OUR slave labor, now is it??

    Ack. I came here as a civilian volunteer to help get our people OUT and it's hell and oh how I wish more people knew and would wake the fuck up and celebrate that we're getting the fuck out but the world still turns and I try to remember that there ARE people who DO care. I'm here. I fucking care. And so do you. Thank you!!!

    As always, your gentle words guide me. Take great care, sweet lady :)

  7. Read yourself a little Nicholas Kristof -- despite it seeming like we're living in the worst times, we're actually not. I can't remember the name of the article,but it was very hopeful, very helpful, very factual, very all those things. And now I think it wasn't by Kristof. Dang. I can't remember.

  8. I can feel your pain looking for an open hair cut place... As it happens I had mine chopped in the "salon" on base, coupe militaire. I will look like an easter egg for a while but that's ok... At 55 I have learned to live with myself and my looks, more or less.
    It's such good news that the kids will come home, out of Iracq. So many families at home in the States suffer from displaced war. The boys come back with PTSD if having all their limbs in the right place, it should have ended long ago...
    I am shocked to read that someone hires 12 year old kids to fight for them... Truly shocked!
    Hope you find your hair cut Ms Moon... I am sure you will not look like an easter egg. ;o))

  9. We are a mess as a species. We wage war, cover useless stuff, and look for things to bring happiness. We are greedy and hate way too much. My solution is to retreat to the woods or the boat. I worry about the future for children. What will it be like?

  10. getting very excited! You're going to love Hotel B. I adore my yoga classes there! Can't wait to see you!

  11. Ho, ho, merryfuckingho is right. so we're out of Iraq. Means nothing. soon they will be sending them to Iran or some other hole in the wall that we should not even be caring about. this nation has been at war, involved in war almost every single year of it's existence.

    and now our president is poised to sign a bill into law that has a rider on it that has nothing to do with the bill that would make it legal to imprison American citizens indefinitely without charging them with a crime, without due process of law. that's against the fucking constitution. Next thing you know we'll have a state religion and christian goon squads beating us up for not being properly religious.

  12. Birdie- Mine too. That link goes to the "new" version as well. The one with the war in it. We SHOULD all watch it.

    Jo- As John Lennon said, our leaders are crazy.

    lulumarie- I have a feeling it has ever been thus.

    Mr. Shife- Thank-you for the quote. I keep rereading it, taking new heart each time I do.

    Catherine- It is so strange.

    Julie Raynor- I read your comment to my husband this morning and we both got teary. I said to him, "You just never know, do you?"
    Thank-you. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

    Elizabeth- Oh, I don't think this is the worst of times. Just different of times. As it were. If you think of the article, e-mail me about it, okay love?

    Photocat- I would prefer not to look like an Easter Egg- haha! I called my lady in Monticello. Going to see her on Monday.

    Syd- I retreat too, as you know. As for the children- hell, I just take care of the ones under my wing and hope for the damn best.

    Cozzie Laura- If I don't get up and do yoga will you hate me? Will I feel guilty? Can't wait to see you! I'm SO excited. Damn.

    Ellen Abbott- I thought that Obama was going to refuse to sign that bill with that rider on it. God, I hope so. Things have just gotten completely insane. The tide has to turn. Don't you think? Or am I insane?


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