Thursday, December 29, 2011

Underwater And Above

The sun has set and the moon-smile is peeking in and out of the clouds and people are having dinner downstairs and Jessie and Vergil are walking back to their hotel and Mr. Moon is watching FSU football on the TV which they installed so fortuitously just in time for the game.
We're going to get on the scoot here in a little while and go meet the young people at the clock tower in the zocaro and go from there to supper.
Mr. Moon is thinking he wants a piece of pork at Casa Denis which he saw the other day while we were having our reasonable bowl of sopa de lima. It was like an entire pork leg and he hasn't been able to stop thinking about it since. Casa Denis is the oldest restaurant on the island, supposedly and the waiter at lunch reminds me of both Keith Richards and Honey Badger- he don't give a shit plus, he's pretty old but still functioning quite well. He doesn't even use glasses. I told Mr. Moon the other day that we go to Casa Denis solely for that waiter- his charming and merry personality. Haha!

When I went on my walk this morning, I met Jessie and Vergil strolling up the road and it was a good day. We went snorkeling. Vergil, of course, has a camera which takes underwater pictures.
Here are a few:

Merman Vergil.

Mermaid Jessie.

My favorite species of fish. No, I do not know it's name. The little black one with electric blue spots.

Here we are at lunch. Well, I'm taking the picture.

This SO does not suck. Thai ceviche? Bless my heart. It was good.

Very, very thin woman seemed changed today. She was more animated. I swear, she looked like she has gained a pound or two. She had her hair up and I saw her check her phone and drink a beer!
I was astounded.

I saw an iguana today. I did not have my camera. I'm sorry. I'll try harder.

Time to go get dressed. Time put on my going-out clothes. Time to go eat a half a pig.

Later, y'all.
Love...Ms. Moon


  1. I've been off the blogspot for what seems like 2 weeks and such a treat to see you all having such a fine time! Loved, loved all the photos and now I get to read in reverse what you have shared since last I read.

    Happy New Year to you sound so relaxed. The ocean and the air is doing you well.

  2. I am loving your vacation. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

  3. Going out clothes...did you put on your finest silver?

  4. that fish picture is really neat!


  5. I an loving these posts. You can just stay there and keep posting.

  6. I remember snorkling in bright clear waters. So, so much fun!

  7. More fun pictures. I love Mr Moon's shirt. And J and V are adorable.
    I'm so glad thin woman is feeling better. I think partly it is your energy attention and care. You SAW her just as she was about to disappear.
    Hope Mr Moon gets his pork!
    Ack that sounds weird.
    Anyway I love your vacation, your writing, thank you for taking us along.

  8. I think that is a juvenile damselfish. They are pretty numerous in tropical waters. Very pretty fish.

  9. I could be ridiculously jealous but I'm choosing to be incredibly inspired. Planning next year's Christmas trip to's helping me keep my sanity.

  10. Loooooove the underwater shots. The mermaids all look very elegant. How great of a holiday it must be to share your paradise with your daughter... Thanks for sharing those pics...

  11. I don't care how damn wrong it is, you've got to get a photo of very thin woman. Fuck that shit. Just sneak one.

    The photo of Jessie, Vergil, and Mr. Moon is lovely.

  12. And also, I was VERY THIN when I was in a bad relationship. 124 lbs. and 5 foot 10. I practically disappeared. That might be what's up with old skinny. There's nothing like the exquisite agony of love gone wrong! It's not love if you're not suffering. Jesus, was I young and dumb. Now, I'm just old and dumb.

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