Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holy Night, Holy Shit

Oh holy night. Owen was just here for a quick three-hour visit while his daddy helped his granddaddy cut up and wrap Mr. Moon's doe from last week. Owen was in go-for-it-mode and he did. He ran around like a caffeine-hopped up rabbit and I just followed him around. Lord, that child. Run, run, run. Jump, climb, go under, ride...whatever, just keep on going.

"Jump, Mer!" he says as he leaps into my arms. That's all the warning I get, too. It's a wonder I haven't dropped him yet. The day I do is the day he learns something about life.

I asked him today, "Who's my boy?" and he said, "Owen!" and I said, "And who is Owen's Mer?" "Mary!" he announced. I can't help it. I love it when he says my name. He's started calling Bop, Boppi, which I think is just charming as hell.
He ate three energy bars without asking permission, two "bits" of dog food ("liscious!") and an apple. When I changed his diaper I called him a Pee-o-sauras and he laughed. When I asked him for a kiss good-bye he said, "Sure," and pulled my chin to him.
I'm going to miss that child.

And boy, do I need a break.

So I packed today. Then I took a bunch of stuff back out so that I could get the suitcase zipped. I'm about 90% done with the packing. Honestly. I charged the camera batteries. I have the Kindle loaded and charged. I asked Hank to buy me a used copy of Lonesome Dove because mine is MIA. I packed sparkly eye shadow and mascara and stuff like that. I figured out what I am going to wear on the plane. Believe me, it is festive, silly, and will be comfy. Velvet is involved. Yes. I am wearing red velvet to a Caribbean Island. So what? It's Christmas. Let everyone else travel in PJ's and cargo shorts. This woman is wearing velvet.

Two more nights.

I'm about to go pimp a frozen pizza. That's all I can handle at this particular moment in time.

Owen's coming back tomorrow afternoon and will be here until seven-thirty. Hank's coming to spend the night and take us to the airport on Saturday morning. I have a few presents to wrap for Owen. I need to make the traditional Moon Chicken Salad before I go for the kids' Christmas celebration.

Oh holy night. Oh holy shit.

Grandma is ready for her vacation.


  1. Yahoo! And 'liscious' is freaking adorable.

  2. You've got me getting excited now. :)

  3. Oh Ms. Moon, your writing still makes me feel warm and cozy.

  4. Stephanie- That's what he says as he eats his "bit" of dogfood. "Liscious."

    Rubye Jack- Really?

    Rebecca- I'm glad.

  5. Well deserved, so immensely well deserved...I am so happy someone else will be cooking for you. Just so thrilled you are going to a place that makes you so happy. It's exhausting to love and live with all your heart like you do.

    Thanks for the sweet words in the comment of the other post. I needed some mama lovins.
    Things haven't been going well and my heart is achey and am just feeling super vulnerable.

    But you know, there's an app for that!

    Can't wait for you to get yr phone.

    I love the way you talk about Owen. He's so damn sweet and funny. Like his Mer.

  6. Have a lovely time Ms. Moon. I am wondering if you are going to write from your trip. I will miss you and I don't even know you! Joanne

  7. You made me smile. I love seeing Owen through your eyes. Have the very best time on your trip. The idea of you arriving in velvet is just too perfect.

  8. I am SO glad you're going to Cozumel. In red velvet.

    Ixchel's boobies look like mine.


  9. You go rock some red velvet on the plane, honey.


    Have a beautiful time.

  10. Aside from jealousy, I'm so excited for you, Mary Moon. I know it's going to be a wonderful vacation and you're going to entertain US, too, with your stories and recountings of everything that you do. And I LOVE that photo at the top of the blog. It's utterly wonderful.

  11. I am happy for you that you're getting away for Christmas.

    And I find that so funny that Owen calls the dog food, "licious." :-) Maybe WE'RE the ones missing out, but I am still not going to try some.

  12. Smiling at the dog food. When I was growing up I had 4 cousins all born within 13 months of each other. Oh, the fun we 5 had! One thing was feeding the youngest cousin (who was 4 years younger) dog food. We laughed ourselves silly. Our mothers? They were happy smoking and drinking coffee whilst we entertained ourselves.
    My youngest cousin is now a full grown adult and a bit of a strange guy. I am pretty sure it had nothing to do with the dog food. More than likely it had to do with putting him in the lazy-susan bookcase and spinning him around as fast as we could.

    Enjoy every single micro-second of your time away. I would wear velvet too. Please take a picture so we can see!

  13. Oh, have such a wonderful time :)

  14. wow...have a fabulous time.....I met my ex-American husband in Tulum while travelling in Mexico with my boy who was 2 at the time.....what was I thinking?? Perhaps time to go back.....get me another husband?! Happy Christmas!!x

  15. Oh Mary, have a fabulous trip! So, so excited for you, enjoy the break!

  16. I know that YOU deserve a vacation. You really do.


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