Monday, December 26, 2011


This place we are staying is very family-oriented and we are actually some of the few USA'ers staying here. There are families of grandparents, children, grandchildren. They swim and snorkel and they kiss and slap backs and this morning an abuela brought out three giant containers of home made cookies and put them on the table for the family and I thought of her, baking those cookies and then bringing them here. She was wearing her bathing suit, a white hat, her granddaughters had legs like colts. They sit at the table for hours, gathering and going off to swim, coming back to sit and talk some more.

There was a woman here for two days whom I never saw with anyone else. She had very long hair and was thin as a knife and she would lay on one of the beach beds and read or just smoke and stare off into the space and every hour or so she would get up and climb down the ladder into the sea and immerse herself and then climb back up and wring her hair and begin it all again. What is her story?

There are children as young as Owen and they play happily from pool to hot tub, always someone to watch them. I saw two brothers play together without incident in the sand this morning for at least an hour, coating themselves and each other with sand like sugar and then building a sand castle with the help of a bucket and shovel.

Families love the hot tub and it is almost always in use, the perfect place to watch the sunset.
The waiters wear black pants and white shirts and the main guy seems to be Victor who is actually from Canada and he works like a dog and has a funny sense of humor.
"I'm sorry the water isn't blue," he will say sadly.
"Or green," I answer.

We walked to town again last night after spending all day here, snorkeling and laying in the shade and reading. For some reason, the walk took about one quarter of the time it had taken the night before. Or so it seemed. I had no idea why. I wasn't really hungry but we found a place for supper and I had some pasta with tomato sauce and fresh cheese and it was good and we watched fire dancers with drummers in the square- not Mexican at all, but Gringos and I thought about what it would be like to be traveling entertainers, spreading fire and drumbeats throughout the continents, passing the hat, trusting on faith. When they are grandparents, they will look back in wonder, thinking, "I did that. I was a beautiful girl who twirled fire, who danced in fire while the drums beat under tropical moons and huge-eyed children watched me, holding the hands of their parents."
It will be something. It is something.

My god. The water is just so blue. It is something I cannot get tired of. I could just watch it all day and yesterday I did when I wasn't in it. Which is better?
I do not have to know. I can choose both.

Today we will walk to town, figure out something to rent to get us around. Sigh. I do not enjoy that part of the trip. Too much bargaining and joking and words.

I have bought two new dish towels. They were in the same grocery store at the exact same place on the exact same shelf as they have always been. They are really mop cloths and they cost about a dollar and they are heavy cotton and last me for years and years. I will bring home a stack of them. The rum was in the same place too and we bought some of that. The rum will not make it home.

I think of home and it's a concept like life on another planet, perhaps.

Oh, the water is blue. And it is green and it is turquoise and it is violet and it is colors we have no words for. Why should we? The water in our country doesn't come in these colors so no need to try and describe them.

My fruit plate this morning had bananas, papaya, watermelon, cantaloupe and orange. I had juevos mexicana with tomatoes and onions and peppers chopped fine and some black beans.

Here I am.

The cruise ships are in this morning but as long as I stay right here, I do not have to even think about them. I can look at them and enjoy the sight of boats as big as continents. At night when they sail away, they are beautiful, like lighted cities floating silently by. They hold a million people but that, too, is just a concept. They come and they go.
I am here.

I am so glad.


  1. A true holiday: blue and other tints for the ocean, waves, snorkels. Families and hottub... You thinking about Owen. Funny how even on holiday or in another country we think about our people at home. I often see my granddaughters in other families like you see Owen.
    Keep up the good works, eat - play and love - and gather memories to take home with you!

  2. You are there, and it makes me smile. Thank you for sharing it with us. I feel lucky to be sitting here at my kitchen table, looking out on the little side yard, reading what you write.

    And I must say big ships always astound me. I could watch them for hours. I do that on River Street in Savannah, when I am lucky enough to be there.

    I love you!


  3. I am glad to hear about your adventures there. The blue water off the Dry Tortugas is beautiful. I was on a ship sampling near there and thought that it was astounding. And the water off Bermuda is wonderful, but Cozumel sounds awesome. It is on my list of a place to go to. As is Cuba. I would like to go there and see the old cars and step back in time.

  4. O hurrah dear Moons. I just sent the family away to play in the snow, a pack of children, my Milo and Traci And Brian's four (blended), two of them my delivered babies. With their parents. I decided not to go...didn't want to stand in the snow watching sledders. But. I miss them already.

    Have your beautiful vacation. I can see those towels. And the color of the water.

    XXXXX Beth

  5. Sigh. It sounds wonderful. I kind of wish I were that thin as a rail girl all by herself.

  6. I am glad you are happy on your piece of paradise. Find out about the lady with the hair. I want to know now too!

  7. The contented sigh in your written voice - we can hear that. What a treat for all of us avid fans.

    Headed to St George Island tomorrow - hopefully my contented sigh will come out too.

    Happy new year, Ms. Moon. Thank you for every word.

  8. That sunset in your header photo is stunning! I'm so glad you are enjoying yourself and thank you for sharing it with us. By the way, I got the best present yesterday--my son and daughter-in-law are giving me a new grandbaby next summer. I'm so excited!

  9. I am able to get on t he net again! If you wanna know how it is because Jason convinced me I needed an iPhone. Anyway I love and miss you. Lily


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