Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Cheer

The anger has passed. It went away and now I'm tired. Not only because I got up at five-twenty this morning but because I carried around that big old box of mad all day and I didn't need to and I knew it and I did because I'm a stubborn old mule, but I've let it go.
And I've thought about it a whole lot and I hope I've learned something.
I doubt I have, but I hope I have.

The whole family except for Jessie and Vergil (whom we miss so much we can barely talk about it) went to the assisted living place where Mother lives for the holiday dinner this evening and it was really very, very nice and we had a good time. I'm not kidding you. The food was good, there was entertainment which ranged from professional local jazz musicians to three of the employees singing three part harmony with one of the resident's very young granddaughters doing the hula. Also a woman singing at the piano and after about half a song, my mother turned to May and said, "I've heard better."

Santa was there. I have known that particular Santa for approximately thirty years. He is a kind, good man and tried to charm Owen into sitting on his lap but Owen was shy. He sat on his mama's lap, though, and let Santa talk to him.

We all sat at a big round table and Owen behaved himself pretty admirably. He ate his salad, some of his steak and his bread. He had a bite of the pie (which was really very good) and spit it out. The kid just doesn't care about sugar very much. He did have a cup of coffee (decaf from his mama's cup with about four creamers and some sugar) and I think that was his favorite part of the dinner. Except for the bread. He really liked the bread.

He also liked all of us taking turns to go outside with him to play, especially Aunt May.
And I think my mother had a good time. I tell you what- that place she lives is just beyond belief at how lovely it is, how sweet the employees are, how every detail is taken care of, inside the buildings and all around them too. The grounds are like a park. There are libraries and reference and reading rooms and lectures and a gym and a pool and activities around the clock. You just sort of want to sit down and start working on a jigsaw puzzle. You know?

After the supper we went up to Mother's room to see her decorations and her room is just as cozy as can be. She had her electric candles in the windows and she showed me the garden porch again. She is so proud to take care of the ferns, to help Miss Mabel , to haul the water in the little red wagon which sits in the hallway just for that purpose. She's so funny though. She was talking about Miss Mabel who will be 102 soon and said, "She just can't live much longer," which I thought was pretty hysterical. I mean, Miss Mabel looks fine to me. And anyone who can keep a beautiful little garden like that going has got to be at least a few miles from death's door.

So it was a good evening. I guess that was my Christmas celebration and it was enough for me. We sang carols (which horrified Owen and if we had started dancing, he probably would have died on the spot) and we drank alcohol-free champagne. Well, some of us did. Lily appreciated that. In fact, I believe Lily would move into that place in a heartbeat, especially after she saw the coffee shop which leaves Starbucks in the dust.

A woman took a picture for us but as you can see, May was moving and Owen was screaming. He did NOT want to pose tonight.

Well, hell. That's how we look except May's beautiful face is usually more defined.

And I took a shot of Lily and Jason and Owen as we were leaving.

I have so much to be thankful for.
I am humbled sometimes.

I am amazed.

Well. Long day. Time for bed.

No Owen tomorrow. Maybe I'll go to town and see if someone can fix up my hair.

I don't suppose you can get emergency liposuction and face lifts, can you? Sigh. Not that I would, of course, but it's amusing to think about it.

Sleep well, y'all.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. It looks like a great evening. So glad that your mother is in a good place. And glad that you got through the mad to the glad.

  2. Can I climb into the computer and sit with May?

  3. Anger is such a powerful emotion and in times of need can be so motivating, but you're right it's absolutely exhausting!

    It looks like a lovely time tonight. Your mother seems to have enjoyed herself and I'm happy she's found some purpose in the garden to keep herself occupied.

    The photo of Owen, Lily and Jason is perfect!

  4. I want a genetic rebuilding machine, like in the Fifth Element. One I can lie down in and get all redone and perfected. With smooth skin and slim ankles andmuscle instead of fat and perky boobs PERFECT STRONG TEETH and my teenage hair and all the rest.

    As long as we're wishing, lets go for it.

    Lily's looking beautiful! And all of you :) Lovely photos. I would like to move in there too.

  5. It sounds like you have a great Christmas celebration. And you enjoyed it! Yeah! You really are blessed and the best part is that you know it and don't take it for granted. Kisses and holiday hugs to you all!

  6. looks like a delightful great grandma made it to 101 and was very spry but I think she just got fed up as most of the people she was living with her were so much younger.... in their 80s!!

  7. Sweetness.
    Let me know if you find emergency liposuction. I'll fly over. But really, there probably IS emergency liposuction here in L.A., don't you think? Emergency face lifts, too, I suppose.

  8. The place where your mom lives looks really nice!
    I must have missed the anger post somehow, but you sound great in this one.

  9. I think I need to retire into a home like your mom's. Today.

    I love the photos of your beautiful family. I'm always amazed at how much May looks like you -- even blurry! I think the smiles on all of ya'lls faces is what is the most amazing --

  10. I don't know.... looks a bit like Lily might have sabotaged her sister for the photo. Maybe May couldn't help but move.

    Your Mom & Owen crack me up. Bookends of expressiveness.

    So glad it was enjoyed!

  11. Syd- Mother is in a wonderful place. I am SO glad of that.

    Stephanie- The whole world wants to sit with May!

    Mel's Way- Yep. That little garden porch is a blessing to her.

    Jo- And if we could do all of that, none of it would be special. Which- okay. Fine.
    Isn't Lily gorgeous?

    Jill- I am constantly amazed. Constantly.

    Young At Heart- Can you imagine that? Thinking that eighty-year olds are the youngen's?

    Denise- Do a little research. Get back to me on that one.

    Rubye Jack- It was needless anger. It was stupid. But I still felt it strongly.

    Elizabeth- Damn. We ALL need to move in there. Wouldn't that be fun?

    Ms. Trouble- Nah, May was just reaching for me.


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