Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bless Our Hearts

Bless, bless, bless us all,
Each and every one.
Bless us as this day is lived
This day is blessed with sun.
Bless the chickens in the yard
And bless the child and mother
Bless the man who is the friend
The husband and the lover.
Bless the dirt and bless the trees
Bless the leaf and flower
Bless the tub and bless the water
Bless the sink and shower.
Bless the crazy
Bless the sane
Bless both straight and gay
Bless the velvet of the night
Bless the break of day
Bless the balls and bless the cock
Bless the breast and tongue
Bless the cunt and bless the belly
Bless the old and young.
Bless the chores that never end
Bless the bed and sleep
Bless the birds and bless the squirrels
As they fly and creep.
Bless this moment that I take
To sit and write and think
Bless the machine and bless the pen
Bless the paper and the ink.
Bless the friends whose voices I hear
On the phone so dear
Bless the ones so far away
Bless the ones so near.
Bless the quiet, bless this house
Bless the hands and feet
Bless the womb that did me well
Bless the food we have to eat.
Bless the Beatles, Bless the Stones
Bless Beethoven too.
Bless all the books I have to read
Bless chicken's eggs, brown, green and blue.
Bless the wind, the earth's own breath
Bless the needed rain.
Bless the joy and bless the tears
Fuck unneeded pain.
Bless the ceilings, bless the walls
Bless these old pine floors
Bless the porches, bless the shelves
Bless the window panes and doors.
Bless our babies
Bless their lives, bless ANY love that's true
Bless us, bless us everyone.
Bless us, both me and you.


  1. ohhhhh, Bless You! You dear sweet woman, that was wonderful.

  2. May the goddess bless us, every one!
    Love you, Mary Moon. x0 N2

  3. I completely loved this. So ballsy. Needless to say, bless you, Ms Moon.

  4. All- I wrote it with all of you over my shoulders, in my lap, my heart. It was silly, it was fun. It was tossing words in the air and seeing what would come down in a rhyming position. I meant every word. Thank you.

  5. Whoa Nellie!

    Bless us all indeed.


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