Saturday, December 24, 2011


There's just nothing like getting to the airport at seven thirty a.m. and going to check in and being told that your flight to Atlanta has been delayed because of the regulations about crew rest time which means that you're going to have approximately 15 minutes (if all goes perfectly!) to get on your flight to Mexico which will depart from a completely different county (or, might as well be) and THAT'S THE ONLY FLIGHT TO COZUMEL THE ENTIRE DAY!
So yeah. Who knows? We might be spending Christmas Eve in Atlanta.

You know, I try to be an understanding person but if they have flights scheduled for a certain time it seems to me that they should be able to figure out the crew rest thing. I mean- really.

Oh well. Whatever.
We'll make it or we won't.

I'll let you know.



  1. Atlanta is a huge airport. But Wifi everywhere. Bummer for your flight information... At least you are on a domestic flight, otherwise you might not make it to the Cozumel flight in 15 minutes. How odd, I thought you were going to fly south from Florida straight into Mexico. How weird that you have to fly up to Atlanta first... Hope you are having a nice trip and wishing with you that you will be in Cozumel by tonight! Merry Christmas Ms and Mr Moon... Wherever you are.

  2. A soon as I read this I thought, Delta. Hmmm, I've been there. After running across the Atlanta terminal to catch our flight home, it was delayed too. Grrr!

    Just keep chanting....I'm on vacation.

  3. Probably the flight from Atlanta will be delayed also. Usually they will hold a flight for you if it is only a matter of minutes. However, I think maybe you are out of the states right this very moment and so it is all mute. Happy Mexico!

  4. Oh yeah, I forgot to say --
    you look very pretty Ms. Moon.

  5. Mary you're gorgeous!

    And god those airlines, I know whereof you speak. And just cause they tell you rest time, doesn't mean that it's rest time.

    travel safe.

    I hope you get there. I can't wait to hear about it.

    Merry Christmas dear woman of the moon.
    love d

  6. safe travels and raise a glass for me under those stars! hugs.

  7. I hope you're there! I hope you're there!

  8. Oh, I hope you got there!
    MErry Christmas Eve dear Ms Moon!

  9. Air travel sucks. It truly does. Sometimes, I think that it would be better by mule train. I hope that you make it. Thinking of you and wishing you a good Christmas Eve and day. Make them put you up if you have to spend the night there due to flight delays. At least, there are some decent hotels. I avoid Atlanta as much as possible. It just sucks.

  10. Jeez o Pete~ I hope you escape Atlanta quick like!

    I'm rootin for youz.


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