Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Questions

We have been here at Hotel B for all of six days and so many changes have occurred, the main one being that Victor is gone. He was here yesterday morning, then he disappeared. I asked about him today and the man said, "Oh, I am not sure. I think he went back to Canada," which is a bold-faced lie, I am not kidding you.
Something happened.
And since he's been gone, the damn tape has not been changed once and the music is weird Euro-New-Age stuff and THEY NEED TO SHUT IT OFF!
Besides that, all is well.

The people who were eating dinner when we left to go to town are still sitting at the same table and we drove to town, met Jessie and Vergil, had a drink, walked to another restaurant, had a fine dinner, and walked blocks and blocks to the coffee place and had coffee and then walked blocks and blocks back and got on the scooter and came home.

They are enjoying themselves. Yes, they are.

I wonder where Victor is?


  1. I trust you're enjoying yourself too, Ms Moon, even after the sudden disappearance of Victor and all that repetitive music.

  2. Victor came back to Canada for New Year's. He's got friends and relatives he hasn't seen since last year and he can't take time off during the height of tourist season.

  3. Ms Moon, you are a novelist to your core! I love how you are weaving spy stories or poignant memoirs about the thin lady and wondering what happened to Victor. The thin lady intrigues me too. I think your smiles have brought her out of her shell a bit. I can imagine you having that effect on a healing soul.

  4. Victor has taken a tourist as a lover! They're hiding. Check the kitchen or the laundry. I am with Angella here. This is the best book I've read over the long holiday.

  5. Johnny Depp said he bought The Viper Room because he was tired of being subjected to other people's taste in music when he went out drinking. It sounded about right to me.


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