Wednesday, December 7, 2011


And now I know what that wind was saying this morning and there was no innocence at all in its blustery insistence, no, it was saying exactly this:

I am about to blow some cold motherfucking air up your ass. Dress accordingly.

Cold and getting colder every second and the wind is rippin' it, telling more of the same and the sky is pewter and when I was just about to turn into my driveway, a huge hawk swooped down in front of the car and magically lifted up into a tree, just like the horse did in my dream this morning, same color, even, but this was real and a hawk and he glared at me from the tree branch, as if angry that we had almost been in the same spot at the same second and it was all my fault.


  1. That Mother Nature, she has a mind of her own, as do hawks.

    The weather here is gray and damp and extremely cold - time for long underwear - but it probably doesn't get that cold there does it?

    Sounds like a good day for cooking, but I bought a pizza at the "gluten free" bakery and it was actually deeeeelicious. So now it is time for housework and reading ! Yea! Stay warm :)

  2. There is talk of witches titties around here, and how cold they are. I've never felt one (that I know of!), but I do know that it is damn cold here, too! It even snowed for half a minute.

  3. Hawks are messengers according to many native beliefs.

    She was telling you something! Very cool!

  4. It is very cold here today. But I am okay with it.

  5. Liv- I did make a nice supper.

    DTG- Like a damn rock.

    Silverfinofhope- Well, until a real witch comes along, here I am with my own cold titties.

    Ms. Fleur- She (or he) was telling me that I almost hit him. That's what he was telling me.

    Syd- It's not bad.


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