Sunday, December 4, 2011

As Owen Would Say: What THE?! What THE?! WHAT HECK??!!

So okay, no more Herman Cain to kick around although his candidacy is merely "suspended," not ended and I have to think that has something to do with money, honey.

"I am at peace with my God," he says. "I am at peace with my wife and she is at peace with me."

I hope she gets a piece of the big ol' pizza pie of his wealth when she divorces him. That's what would bring me some peace in that situation.

On to Newt. Jesus. What happened to those Republicans wanting a president who isn't a "Washington Insider"?
Well, he'll have his fifteen minutes of being Top Dog and then someone else will scramble up the dog pile of can-this-really-be-the-best-the-Republicans-have-to-offer?

I'm gonna be all Honey Badger here. I don't give a shit. The more ridiculous the candidate they come up with, the better for the Democrats.
I wonder if Sarah Palin is just waiting in the wings, speaking of ridiculous.
I'll bet she is.

Mr. Moon keeps asking me what has happened to all of the cardinals at the feeder. I keep telling him that I DO NOT KNOW! They never write, they never call. I pointed out today that every darn seed in the woods is ripe for the taking and so maybe all the red birds are eating al fresco for real. He agreed this may be true. There's one juvenile at the feeder right now. "Go tell your friends!" Mr. Moon said. "Free food!"

The other night when Lis was here we got to talking about cooking. We do that a lot. She said, "It's time! We need to write the cookbook!"
"Okay!" I said. "But first, we need a title!"
We pondered, both of us for about one quarter of a second and then we spoke at the same time (this was post-martini, y'all, which explains all the exclamation points).
She said, Something Spanish!" just as I was saying, "How To Cook Southern!"

We laughed so hard. One has to wonder if we'll ever get serious about a cookbook.

Mr. Moon and I keep asking each other- "What do you want to do when we're in Mexico?"

For me, I think it mostly boils down to eating food I didn't cook, not washing any dishes, and lounging around on sheets I don't have to wash with my lovah.

Okay. There's more to it than that. But seriously? That's a big part of it. Just being honest. I want to buy some earrings, too.
And I have to admit that the idea of sharing my favorite place in the world with Jessie and Vergil is pretty darn exciting.
Here are some pictures that pretty much say it all for me:

But of course, I will have to make a pilgrimage to here:


And I hope the Insanely Huge And Terrifying Donkey is again part of the downtown Nativity.

And that one of my favorite statues is somewhere to be found. It seems to move around a lot.

And that this guy is still smiling in front of the restaurant where we always take our first meal.

And oh, so much Si, Si, Si! that we can visit Playa Corona and catch up with this old amigo and hear about his woes with his wife with whom he has been in a constant state of sort-of-warfare for twenty-something years and with whom he continues to have beautiful babies with despite that fact.

And now, on to the next thing which is that I have three hours to figure out why in hell I want to go audition for a play in Monticello. I have NO business making that sort of commitment at this point in my crazy, loco vida what with the trip and the baby coming and the fact that I barely have two brain cells to rub together to memorize lines with but... shitfire.
I just sort of want to.
For awhile there I had no desire to put myself out like that, no need to be out in the world, no feelings of goodness about any of it but it has all crept up again.
Dang it!
Well, again. There is only one female part and I might not get it and the odds are that I won't because the Tallahassee actors have discovered us here in the hinterlands and our beautiful stage and some of those women are HUNGRY for stage time and they are serious and they take classes and educate themselves and audition for things all the time and I'm just a little ol' granny here in Lloyd who don't know shit.
I mean that, too. Every word. I am NOT being self-deprecating. It's just the truth.

Well- one more thing- what in HELL is Mr. Moon doing out there on that four-wheeler? Oh. Picking up and hauling dead branches on a trailer behind it.

Bless our hearts, y'all. Except Herman Cain's. And the entire Republican Party in general. I ain't blessing their hearts. They wouldn't want me to anyway. They are at peace with their God already and so anything I could do in the blessing department would be redundant, not to mention I just don't want to.

But I will surely bless yours. If you want me to.

Love...Ms. Moon


  1. You know, I was pondering Herman Cain this morning myself and I keep getting stuck on that statement of his about "his God." I just love how proprietary that statement is -- how uniquely, religiously, nauseatingly American.

    I love your photos of Cancun -- wish I could stow away in one of those suitcases of yours --

  2. Elizabeth- See next post. Also, you are completely right about Americans and religion. Jesus. Talk about a sense of entitlement.
    The first time I went to Cozumel, Lily was almost-two and as I packed, she kept putting her toothbrush into my suitcase.
    I still bear the guilt of that.
    Sort of.
    I would take you if I could. I promise.

  3. Write this down, please:
    Vallisoletano Xtabentun. I'd rather have a bottle or two of that than all the silver in Mexico.

    Last night, after the parade, we watched a young boy decide he wasn't going home. He was last in a group walking by, across the street, and he threw himself down on the grass. It took his dad or brother a good 5 minutes to get him one block, and it involved carrying, dragging, and prodding. I thought of Lily.

  4. "They are at peace with their God already and so anything I could do in the blessing department would be redundant, not to mention I just don't want to."

    Damn, you say some winning quotes. Sigh. Love it.

  5. Well, I'm glad that the Repubs are imploding on themselves. I keep thinking how in the Wawah Tween the States that 1% of the population owned slaves. Sounds really familiar to what is happening today. And the Repubs are in that 1%. Herman Cain needs to go back to making pizza. God speed.

  6. Thank you, ma'am! I need all the blessings I can get -- and I'm far too smart to be a Republican! :) Love your blog, your outlook, your vision and your sharing. Thank you!

  7. DTG- I will gladly buy you some of that delicious Mayan honey liqueur. Hey- we're still sipping on the Kracken. I have decided I love that stuff. Yum! But not nearly as much as I love you.

    GradyDoctor- Well, it's the real and obvious truth.
    Glad you liked it.

    Syd- I had to think a moment to realize you were referring to The Late Unpleasantness. Haha!
    You know, that one percent thing is an interesting observation. Damn. You're right.

    Dorothy- Well hello! Thanks for visiting and please feel free to join the community! We are here daily.


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