Tuesday, December 20, 2011

That Man

Bop and Owen are out there doing something manly with a hammer and here I am, sneaking a word in.
That boy got here at 5:30 this morning! He was holding a plate of cheese toast which he had saved the whole long ride to eat at Mer's house. His daddy told me that while he was getting ready this morning Owen was saying, "Come on! Go!"
And after he ate his toast, he wanted to go back to sleep and so we all did, Bop and Mer, and Owen.
When I carried him into the bedroom, his grandfather said, "Hey buddy," and Owen said, "Bed! Talking!"
Haha! The talking bed.

My head is better today but my body feels as if someone hit me all over it. Just sort of hard, with a board maybe. Those anxieties can sure beat you up. This is true. Last night, Mr. Moon asked if there was anything he could do to help me and I thought about it and I said, "Could you rub my feet?" and he did and it was the best, sweetest thing he could have done and it put me down like a drug, put me out like a light.

That man.

He's the best and I know it.


  1. I know that beat up feeling well.

    I thank goodness that I can come here and read your words and that you have Mr. Moon to take care of you.

  2. Okay. Well. I'm jealous. My husband, dear as he is, has never said, is there anything I can do. Built a little different I guess. Now I have to wonder how often I've ever said that to him? Or maybe we're saving it up for when we really need it.

    I'm glad you got that foot rub and your Owen.

  3. Brilliant! The English guy was right! :)

    So. I thought of Mr Moon today after I came back from food shopping staving off panic attacks. First day of period, Christmas anxiety. I told my husband I was panicking, felt like my chest was cracking and I was about to burst into tears - and he just looked at me, and ignored it completely and talked of other things.

    Sometimes I think just having someone hug me might make 80% of it better.

  4. The beat-up feeling -- I know it here and there and wish it would go away when it comes. I'm glad you have Mr. Moon to rub your feet, though, and little Owen to cheer you.

  5. Tell Mr Moon for me that he is the best and you're lucky to have each other. My darling rubs my feet and it's better than chocolate, better than a warm cat on my stomach.

    XX Beth

  6. So glad that you have Mr. Moon.


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